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Posted by Keith Kindrick | May 14, 2019 @ 02:52 PM | 3,188 Views
My sincere congratulations to Terry Koplan LSF 496 for completing his Level V in LSF. Itís a wonderful accomplishment and itís great to see him get it done!
Posted by Keith Kindrick | May 09, 2019 @ 10:19 AM | 3,184 Views
After several conversations on how to set up the throttle for F5J I quickly found that there is no one stop set of instructions to do this. ALES and F5J are the electric sailplane events where having an arming switch tied to throttle is very beneficial. ALES (altitude limiting electric sailplane) can use the standard motor setup in the DX9 / DX18 using the bind button or switch designated to power on the motor to 100%. That is pretty standard. What happens when you need to launch with a low power setting? Throwing the sailplane and going to the slider on the right or left is cumbersome at best. Another solution is to set a motor curve with a value on the low throttle setting. When you enable the arming switch it turns the motor on and you can then fly away with ease by not fumbling for the slider switch. Using a 3 position switch to select one of 3 motor speeds: loiter, cruise and climb (low medium and high) will make it easier to fly these events.

I have attached a series of instructions that will give you the basic idea behind what to do for this programming. With so many ways to do things this is just an example. You can use this to tailor toward your needs using various other switches.
Posted by Keith Kindrick | May 07, 2019 @ 10:31 AM | 3,501 Views
Another CVRC Bent Wing/WOODY event has drawn to a close. The field and the weather was unbelievable once again. We had light wind for the two days and the lift cycled through in the usual fashion. Our resident Red Tail that Joe nave named ďMaryĒ after he had his encounter in October was present again. She took to the air on a regular basis to let us know her nest was in process.

Friday was the ALES kickoff event with 5 rounds of 8 minutes. Itís a fun way to start the weekend and learn new things. The lift was light and several people found the cycles of sink. I took the ballast out of the 3.8 Explorer I was using which made working air much easier. Steve George used his E Pike Perfect SL and had no problem making his times against the ultra-light F5J models. I love watching his ALES flights with his Neu motor swinging a huge prop as he makes those sweeping right hand turns around the guys moving to the east to gain distance and altitude. Itís so cool to watch. With my new center panel from a midair in October and a dry weight of 43 ounces made my approaches a bit inconsistent. Pulling the flaps on the normal Explorer wing stopped it inflight. That really messed up my timing. I cannot imagine what the Big Flap version would do.

New this year was the additional round that Chris Platt added to Sunday. An 8 minute round was added as a reward for flying the others so quickly. WOW another 8 minute round. Iíd already checked out when the 10 minute was done. It seemed like...Continue Reading