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Posted by Keith Kindrick | Apr 12, 2016 @ 08:59 AM | 8,470 Views
We have all seen things that are similar to nature. I could not pass this one up. Steve George captured on an important landing with a side by side comparison of his favorite Gull at Pismo Beach. Life imitates Art
Posted by Keith Kindrick | Apr 11, 2016 @ 09:13 AM | 9,671 Views
I have been installing servos in sailplane wings for a long time. We started using servos wrapped with masking tape held in place with 5 minute epoxy, went to rubberized CA adhesive, and now to servo frames. Prior to frames you had to hope that it all was aligned and the throws were close enough. After doing that for a few long evenings where the radio could not compensate for the mechanical alignment I quickly saw that servo frames were the easy way out. Now years down the road new digital servos have become so precise and the computer radios so amazing we can do everything to correct for mechanical misalignment. The one area that is lacking for me is the gear train for the servos. When I install them everything is tight and wonderful. As time goes on gear train slop appears and it not so wonderful.

I’ve ran across a thread here in RC groups for a “Fu Fix” that Tony Fu designed for the normal wire based linkage in using much stiffer components, resulting in a more rigidly connected control surface, with much less compliance. The video link below shows why this is a great solution.

Fu-Fix Bearing Kit demonstration in existing wing install
Fu-Fix Bearing Kit demonstration in existing wing install (4 min 47 sec)

After talking with Bob Breax from Soaring USA for years I watched as he spent time and development money on his solution for servo frames with this Fu fix solution. Bob told me from the beginning the Fu fix worked well until the servo had to be...Continue Reading