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Posted by Keith Kindrick | Nov 18, 2011 @ 03:03 PM | 5,224 Views
It has taken a while to get the Zlog plots off of my logger from the CVRC November Fest event. During the day you can see what Gary Ellington had mentioned regarding the conditions. One round the air was very flat then in another round the sky was exploding. I have added the peak altitude at certain point to allow you to see the altitude in meters. Iíve also included the sink and climb rates for the flight. Flying for the full 15 minutes at times caused me to look for more than one thermal due to the drift down wind. I had hoped a few of the others who have Zlogs would have used them BUT once again they did not.

Jason lost his Zee on round 3ís flight in the clouds. All 10 of use were in that thermal. My log shows my Perfect reached 637 meters (2089 feet) on that round. He was above me a ton and that is just crazy!

I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. Its been a good year for many of us.
Posted by Keith Kindrick | Nov 07, 2011 @ 05:02 PM | 5,486 Views
Under the sunny central valley California skies the 6th annual CVRC November F3J contest was held yesterday in the most fantastic weather we have seen in quite some time. Task for this yearís event were 4 rounds of 15 minute flights in an effort to make this a flying event won by the skills of the pilot. Penalty points for over flying the 15:00 time combined with losing landing points caught more than one pilot in the first round.

Our day started out at a cool 50 degrees with 2 mph wind and broken clouds. The day ended at 62 degrees with about the same wind speed with rows of broken clouds marching past the field. Cooler temperatures started the day with very soft lift and spotty thermals. Standing off to the side seeing each of the 10 man heats range out in various directions really showed how well all of the modern F3J machines really do fly. Watching Rick Shelby, Charlie Kendal, Gary Ellington, and Kent Nogy working the lightest of thermals at very low levels to make their time was more than memorable. Jason George who was in my flight group with 8 other guys going up under a cloud went out of sight for a moment. When he said Fred? Do you see my plane?? Dude pull full flaps and then add down! As I watched wonder where he was his glider fly appeared from under the dark section of the cloud to the lighter sunny side many laughs from all around happened when we all saw it at 2,200 feet!

The tone definitely changed when the flying stared in each round. More...Continue Reading