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Posted by Keith Kindrick | Sep 20, 2011 @ 10:13 AM | 5,013 Views
Plot 1 - Atomic launch data is showing that this wing is able to far exceed most of the WOODY designs we aimed to fly against. Fuchsia plot is Steve George launching at 183 meters (600 Feet), Black plot is Keith Kindrick launching at 188 meters (616 Feet), Blue plot is Chris George launching at 170 meters (557 Feet)

Our Atomic 3.7 meter span wing has a very low sink rate (Plot 2) that is slightly higher than a Pike Perfect SL ET (Plot 3). In this weekend’s flying session we all confirmed what we had seen independently. Our cruise range with the Atomic is a definite advantage.
Posted by Keith Kindrick | Sep 19, 2011 @ 11:20 AM | 4,789 Views
With the Fall Soaring Festival approaching I went up to see the guys and fly the Atomics together. We have never had an opportunity to do this since the three of us have been flying them. My primary effort this trip was to have mine all trimmed and ready for Fred Weaver to use in this contest. We all made comparisons between our setups as we flew them during the day. We all are launching within the same altitude. (I’ll have to down load and post the data logger plots from our launches a little later) Even with the use of two different fuselages and stabs the landing speed and glide path control were very similar. It was really nice to outscore on landings Steve several times just to keep him honest during the day.

Our one observation is that the wings ability to fly off in long distances to seek lift is a very nice advantage. Many times we all went off to the dust devils in the distance just to see who would or would not make it to them. All of the Atomics did and we look forward to the long 10 minute rounds in the Fall Soaring Festival to see what happens with all of the other WOODY machines.