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Posted by Keith Kindrick | May 31, 2011 @ 02:12 PM | 4,957 Views
Nothing is nicer than going home and seeing a box from your Laser cutter on the porch. I opened the box and inside was the WOW Factor. Sixty brand new Birch plywood ribs right in front of you. Clean, Perfect, and Straight. I normally design one time so I build it one time. In this case I had no choice but to do it over and correct the wing hold down in Atomic 1. It’s all done and ready to go out again. When you have parts that are cut from a computer file tearing out the prior work is less painful given the new parts are the same fit and function. That’s WOW factor we are talking here with Laser cut parts – complete repeatability throughout. Absolute perfection in assembling a structure.

I’ve had a few questions on how the spoilers are set up on Atomic 1. A few shots show the deflection of the Spoilers I use for max deflection. In the head on shot you can see that the airflow over the stab is wide open.

Chris has flown Atomic 3 and is very happy with his new machine. In his words "I don't of any woodie that can out preform the will also be competive against the current fleet of RES." After his White Trash series he has a lot of experience with WOODY machines. Chris has taken the CG all over the place and found that his is very close to where Steve has found his best setting. His new spoiler construction has proven to be a very good solution. It is so good that Steve is working on the same construction for his Atomic 2. Pictures of this will follow when I get them.

Keith has also progressed on his Atomic 4 to the point of ready to cover. He has passed a few shots of his version using the Topaz fuselage from Skip Miller Models. This is the first Atomic to use this fuselage configuration. It looks very nice and clean. He has used the new spoiler construction from Chris.
Posted by Keith Kindrick | May 26, 2011 @ 06:04 PM | 5,393 Views
Chris has completed Atomic number 3 during the past week. He has done an exceptionally nice job on the assembly of his wing. We spoke this morning and he is planning on doing the first test flights tomorrow morning. The molded stab will be used for the test sessions then replaced with the built up version a little later. It will be nice having two Atomics flying in the same area to get more accurate feedback. Steve has a few new ideas for the CG and tow hook placement.
Posted by Keith Kindrick | May 25, 2011 @ 02:40 PM | 4,936 Views
When all the pictures at the CVRC Bent Wing finally settled I saw a couple of them that looked pretty nice that Virginia Turner and Joe Nave took during the event. I drove to the CVRC site to see the guys for the afternoon flying. Little did I know that off in the distance they were fishing my Dad’s (Keith F) Ava out of the drink to no avail. We jumped in his Caravan to reach the other side. What a mess, algae smelled to high heaven, micro frogs danced all of the place as we walked to the murky shore line. I was just happy to be with Joe Nave and John Rodgers when we did this to start the weekend – yuck. When we returned to the Barn I met up with Merrill. It’s always fun to poke jabs at our friendly rivalry. We spoke about our new designs and laughed at the past follies. His Oculus is nice design which he has worked very intensely on for the past year. He gave me a test drive on this machine Sunday after the event. It is a very nice flying sailplane actually designed in the USA!
Posted by Keith Kindrick | May 23, 2011 @ 02:16 PM | 5,316 Views
Chris has been very busy making his wing take shape over the past few days. We have had some great conversations on the phone getting the center area hold down adjusted after mine failed on a landing. In the mean time he decided to use the plywood ribs in this configuration while the new parts are being cut. His next area to concentrate on is the spoiler bays and final sanding. I shot him off a set of stab plans the other day. We will see how that winds up very soon. Once we get three of these flying the opinions will be fun to see swirl across the flying field.
Posted by Keith Kindrick | May 20, 2011 @ 02:15 PM | 4,792 Views
Wings number 3 and 4 are continuing in assembly. Chris has been working on the main panel in these pictures. I just received an update from Steve that Chris is just about done with his wing. He is pushing to get his Atomic completed for the June RES Fresno contest in a couple weeks. Keith has been able to start on his second tip this past week. I’ve been waiting for the box of plywood ribs to show up anyway now for my repair from last week ends center panel problem.
Posted by Keith Kindrick | May 16, 2011 @ 10:37 AM | 4,760 Views
For the initial outing in a major RES event the Atomic in Steve George’s hands proved to have great potential with his 5th place overall results. Day 1 started out with a cold 13 mph (measured at ground level) head wind. For round one of Open RES Steve flew dry and I flew with 8 ounces of ballast to see what could happen while flying in the same group/air. Launching was not a problem with our wings. Steve quickly spoke over “No problems going forward” which I confirmed “No noticeable change in set up or sink rate here”. As we both flew forward the sink rate was very equal as we continued then we shot our landings in a stiff breeze. We both fought hard to land in the zone with 10’s yet upon touchdown I heard a noticeable “pop” of ripping Balsa and covering where Steve did not. As we walked closer the landing judge said Uh Oh removing the landing points promptly. Using the 2 screw hold down in the pylon I knew there could be problems. The tear out of the hard 3/8” balsa ribs thus ended my run with my Atomic on the first flight much to my surprise. I’ve thought about the fix and will have new parts cut to correct this failure. Steve used a 3 hole mounting pattern and never did have a problem no matter how much he pounded each launch and landing.

Steve however, did have two tactical problems which cost him better standings. On his round 1 in WOODY the wind was stronger than our first flight and he missed the green area by about 12 feet giving him a Zero round. In Open RES he...Continue Reading
Posted by Keith Kindrick | May 11, 2011 @ 11:11 AM | 4,766 Views
Chris George has started to assemble his 2011 Atomic spar. Using G-Flex epoxy assures a good bond between the shear web and Carbon fiber spar cap. Notice how he has aligned the entire spar assembly in his jig. A key to making this center panel is a straight spar. It is the only way to create a super light, strong, and straight wing. Everything keys off this simple spar assembly for the entire wing. He will be waiting for this to fully cure prior to the braid operation next.
Posted by Keith Kindrick | May 09, 2011 @ 10:29 AM | 4,923 Views
Steve has been flying his Atomic for the past 3 weeks. With his fuselage configuration we have found the CG is 5mm different between our Atomics. We have taken a different approach to the stab and spoiler design. Steve has chosen to use a slightly lower aspect ratio and thicker stab. My stab is a higher aspect ratio and thinner in design. Both of these stabs weigh 35 grams. Next weekend will be the first time that we will be flying together in the 2011 CVRC Bent wing. At this point Steve has not been able to nail down the final few feet of the approach to his expectations. I feel pretty good with the set up I have so far yet expect a few minor adjustments during next weekend’s event.
Posted by Keith Kindrick | May 05, 2011 @ 05:10 PM | 4,787 Views
These shots are of the progress that Keith Finkenbiner is making on his Atomic wing. The center panel on his wing is using a 5 degree dihedral angle which is a departure from the standard flat center panel. An Atomic wing uses many clamps and sections of tape to position and hold sheeting as the assembly progresses. The panels when completed will all be straight and very accurate. Keith has done a bang up job in his assembly of this wing.