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Posted by Keith Kindrick | Apr 28, 2011 @ 04:11 PM | 4,322 Views
Keith Finkenbiner has his new center section is nearing its completion. Top sheeting is in its final cure phase. Then the leading edge shaping starts. His assembly has been progressing steady. So far he has encountered no problems using the new assembly techniques for fabrication.
Posted by Keith Kindrick | Apr 18, 2011 @ 11:58 AM | 5,363 Views
The number two Atomic built by Steven George has flown. All up weight for Atomic two is 48 ounces. All flight performance has been on par with the first Atomic. Initial reactions from his first day was this combination is SWEEET even with the CG is slightly too far aft and rudder throws a little too high. Day number two with the CG slightly more forward and less control throws the machine excelled in ways we had anticipated. Up the line this wing was able to pull hard and exit tow with plenty of energy unlike other wood designs on the same winch that fluttered. Light air reading is exceptional with this design. During the testing on day 2 Steve’s Atomic was able to climb through the ultra light glass ships in the same air. Given this wing is designed, manufactured, and assembled by a person in the USA Steve is thrilled with the results and awaits his first meeting with the European RES ships.

Cruise rate in minimal and active air has proven to allow a wide range of area coverage searching out any thermal activity. His version is using a slightly different spoiler configuration to test the best version for the Atomic wing. Spoilers on Atomic one and two have proven to be very effective using direct servo drive with torque rod retraction.