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Posted by Keith Kindrick | Dec 28, 2010 @ 08:52 PM | 4,517 Views
New for Ivan. This 3.7 meter wing will allow a range never seen for a bent wing event. Our CAD designer out did himself with this exclusive effort. Build time is 40 hours with a wing having totally straight panels at weights typically not seen for our applications. Prototype 1 has proofed the concept for the initial run of 10 wings. Full production can start later with the hundred photos taken of it's build.

Wing has been fully covered and looks very nice. Spoilers will be a split blade made from a composite core powered directly by Airtronics 809's. This is by far the best wood construction project I've ever assembled. No fabrication issues have resulted from the test builds in progress.

Flight testing is exceeding the initial design baseline. First flight was a 20 minute test hop followed by a 1 hour flight terminated on my own. This wing has the range and handling of a super light F3J ship. There will be no problems competing with the professionally built Composite leading edge RES ships out of Europe. Next stop Visalia in May 2011.