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Posted by Pat Lynch | Nov 05, 2017 @ 01:34 PM | 4,026 Views
The rush and bustle, not to mention the total disruption to my life over the last 18 months or so has been the reason for not updating this blog recently Inevitably, life issues, especially a new life in another country has meant that my modelling went into limbo for a while. After nearly two years since the passing of my dear Liz, I have found total happiness and a renewed reason for being 'normal' again so here we are looking at another chapter in the great adventure we call 'Life'.

Back to modelling. I had moved back to my home country of New Zealand principally to be among family after my wife passed away but it has proved to be much more interesting - a new partner, a new workshop, some new projects on the go and best of all, a new lease on life.
I have three models - one flying, one getting close to finished, and of course, a much more ambitious project in the very early order - Peter Rakes little WEL-10 getting me back to stick twiddling; Peters He51 started a few months ago is being covered and painted, plus a very ambitious 1/5 SE5a from a Gary Sunderland plan. And, of course, several ideas in my head about is allowed to dream.

We have bought a new house with plenty of workshop space, a large sports field nearby for casual flying and the local Flying Club only about 10 minute's drive away. The biggest downside is having to restock much of my consumables that I'd given away before leaving Australia. Sourcing new supplies such as wood, rubber tyre material, paints etc has been tricky but most things are available from local mail-order stores which, in this smallish country, can provide an almost 'next day delivery' service

The other thing that has made me happy is seeing my beloved models being continued, finished and flown by various folk who took them on. It is very satisfying to know that the hard work and passion that was expended is being continued. Thanks guys.

I'll add some pictures here shortly but the sun is up, the day is fine and a huge Spring garden beckons.....