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Posted by Pat Lynch | Mar 08, 2013 @ 02:41 PM | 15,062 Views
Well, my time at this house has come to an end! After a lot of soul searching and seemingly endless discussion and planning, Liz and I decided to move to a larger town - closer to medical facilities, better shopping and, most importantly, more space. So, we planned an orderly, slow moving process - preparing our home for sale (doing all those little chores that I'd meant to do years ago) and more painfully, packing up and storing all the models and dismantling my rather too small workshop. What a task! Didn't realise just how much 'stuff' it takes to keep this model building lark going But a structured sort, pack and move has given me lots of ideas about a new shop next time (hopefully the last time). So all building has stopped although I've kept out a small model boat kit just in case a bit of therapeutic fettling is needed

Obviously my nearly finished Heinkel, newly started Lysander and the "all the bits are in the box" Anson are very much on hold.....

Enough prattle and back to the boxes and crates.......