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Posted by Pat Lynch | Nov 15, 2006 @ 04:55 PM | 18,299 Views
I wanted a Trainer that was a bit less benign than the Telemaster and built a new design by Peter Rake (who else!) which was loosely base on the Ryan PT22 and similar 30s trainers. It is quite a large model designed for 500-600 sort of power levels - I am using an E-Flite 25. The maiden didn't go so well but it is now repaired and awaiting some courage from me. I thing I had CG marginally too rearward and the motor had slight up-thrust instead of neutral. Was very difficult to control in the air. In fact a later flight destroyed it! Most likely reason was that the aileron hinges had not been glued in

Ryans Daughter build thread:

The other model completed recently is a tiny IPS powered design also by Peter. The Duigan 1913 tractor Biplane. This 24" model is yet to be flown. It was great fun to build but at 6 1/8 oz AUW, will need a very calm morning! Update : It flies! Needs a little nose weight I think but otherwise floats around quite well.

Build thread for Duigan:

My 36" SE5a was recently sold to be used as a static display model, so with some of the proceeds, I bought a laser short kit from Charlie at Manzano for a bigger SE5a - a 54" version also by Peter Rake. It is almost exactly the same construction as the 36" so should be fairly easy - but HUGE!

The build is at: