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Posted by coreman | Aug 27, 2013 @ 02:10 PM | 9,183 Views
Summer is winding down with this weekend being Labor Day and with it brings the onset of the NEAT Fair. This year has certainly been busy with going to all the various shows as well as bringing out several new kits.

The NEAT Fair this year will do a recreation of the Battle of Britain and we were asked to come out with an ME-109 kit to go up against our popular Spitfire. We have released that and it flies quite well. At one of the events this summer, the Warwick NY Fun Fly, I did combat with my trusty Spitfire and even though it was getting a little long in the tooth (just check out the prop cuts on the right wing), I was able to win the event, grabbing several streamers and outlasting the rest of the field just using a 1000mah 3S pack

We are also now shipping our kit for the Leadfeather 3D Delta. This plane has a loyal following on RCG and is a stable flyer with lots of capabilities.

The final pair of new offerings are also from an RCG member, Joel "MetroGTI" Dirnberger. After looking for a fun little float plane to bop around with one of my local buddies, I came across Joel's H-Blu-O. Having met Joel at SEFF and looked at the plane, I decided that was what i would make for myself. Once I mentioned I was going to make one, I got requests to cut extras for other people. Things snowballed and I was suddenly kitting the new plane. It made sense since all the electronics were the same as the Mini Gremlin I already kit and so that is how it happened. The BluFO is a non-float version (which actually came first) and so that was a no brainer to add in as well.

Once we finish up with NEAT we start restocking for the trip down to Georgia in October for HHAEFI. If you end up at any of these events, be sure to stop over and say hi!
Posted by coreman | Aug 08, 2013 @ 06:07 AM | 8,497 Views
What a great event at a wonderful field.
Got back tuesday from WATTS over Owatonna and am getting settled in and rebuilding inventory as I sold out of a lot of what I took with me. By far the most popular kit was the new BluFO which was designed by one of the local pilots and I took orders and cut another 23 yesterday which will go out to fulfill orders from the event. I haven't even gotten time to update the website or order form to include it! Sold out and took orders for our painted Yak kits also. Those will be in stock by monday. Thank you to everyone that stopped by! I will be back next year.