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Posted by coreman | May 21, 2013 @ 08:00 AM | 8,265 Views
Had an amazing time at Joe Nall this year. This was my first Nall and it certainly won't be my last. We were warned that the ground was soft from recent rains and so I showed up sunday morning to set up. I was in the National Balsa booth space which worked out well as we were able to spell each other for booth coverage. Despite the weather warnings prior to the show, the weather during the show couldn't have been better. It was dry and the winds weren't bad the entire week. The only rain was on saturday, the last day which screwed up some people making a weekend day trip but I left saturday morning early having sold out by thursday. Because I was at SEFF just 8 days prior, I had to restock product before going and I spent all my time preparing and painting kits. Since most of my reason and customers at these outdoor shows are for the prebuilt bind and fly planes I offer but cannot ship at reasonable prices (Contact me if you want one with a $60 S&H cost) I decided that I would build the kits AT the show and sell them. I was able to build 2 a day and what I found was that they provided a good "build example" as I went and a great demo of Foam-Tac glue which I also sell. I have converted over at this point to build entirely with Foam-Tac and I have to say it has worked great. no more screwing up the paint job with the CA accelerator doing the wing spars and faster than the UHU I was using so I can build continuously and not have to wait for drying time overnight....Continue Reading