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Archive for November, 2010
Posted by xatled99 | Nov 10, 2010 @ 09:49 PM | 5,329 Views
Now with 2x Turnigy 6s 3000mAh 40C, 603mm Edge blades, kbdd tail blades and 11T pinion. Governed headspeeds at 1800, 1900, and 2000 rpm. Proper outdoor maiden tomorrow.
Posted by xatled99 | Nov 02, 2010 @ 03:41 PM | 4,802 Views
Sold off some electronics to fund a 500SE tailboom upgrade for my Logo. Going to drop down to 12T and eventually try out some 600mm blades. Hope the CG works out; might need to get 12s 3300 to balance it out.