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From Flying Models, December 1958

A rumor is circulating the one of the Eastern States is contemplating a law which would require model flyers to obtain State licenses. This has been prompted, according to the rumor, by increased accidents resulting from the operation of model airplanes.

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This from the September, 1957 Flying Models magazine

Reports of modellers losing flying fields are appearing with greater regularity and it is surprising how ' few modellers, or model industry people, know about this problem. This apparent lack of interest stems most likely from the existence of alternate programs which, even though they are inferior to past programs, take the edge off of immediate concern.

. . .

The time has come when modellers must take note that our society has changed, expanded, and advanced. Those of us who remember taking a nickel bus ride (or trolley) to a flying site out in the country, and only 15 minutes from our homes, should take note that this is far from possible today. The so-called country of this era is the fast growing suburban area known as developments. An hour trip in metropolitan areas will place today's modeller in the heart of someone's backyard.

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In this thread, I will start keeping updated copies of the spreadsheet that I use to index the threads and track the status of the cleaning and scaling process.

Subscribing will ensure you are notified of updates.

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Here is an opinion article from the April, 1957 issue of Flying Models.

Many model builders are bemoaning the apparent fact that the model industry has deserted them for the lure of big money in the field of powered toys and shelf models. A dissident chord simultaneously arises from manufacturers who decry the popularity of modelling and point out that interest is on the wane. It appears in this quarter that the truth lies somewhere between these two extremes.
. . .
For all of this, it appears that there is a big market for built-up models and that more smaller firms are finding it a profitable field. The larger firms, those which built up over the years, have expanded beyond the market capacity. All of this infers a settling toward two types of markets - one dealing with high production items and the second dealing with quality flying model aircraft.
Fascinating stuff,