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Posted by davidterrell80 | Nov 29, 2012 @ 11:38 PM | 5,116 Views
Here is the entire complement of my composite squadron (VX-57 "The Dragoons"):

Effective: 11/29/2012

1. UM Champ “Greenie” (Damaged)
2. Polaris.Mk.1 (Scratchbuild, Destroyed)

1. UM T-28 “Lil-28”
2. T-28 “Big-28” (Parkflyer)
3. BuzzBomb 100 (Kit from Stevens Aero)
4. UM Carbon Cub
5. UM Champ “FrankenChamp”
6. UM MiG-15
7. Slowly “VinFizz” (Scratchbuild)
8. Cartoon C-119 (Scratchbuild)
9. Polaris.Mk.2 (Scratchbuild)
10. Blade MSR2 Helicopter
11. Blade 120SR Helicopter
12. UM Night Vapor
13. UM Nieuport 17

1. Rufe (Scratchbuild)
2. Blackburn Skua (Scratchbuild RC modification from Earl Stahl's April 1942 MAN FF)
3. Mini A-1 Skyraider (FMS ARF)

1. 1918 Hergt Monoplane (Kit from Stevens Aero)
2. 1928 Pietenpol Air Camper (Kit from Stevens Aero)
3. Andy's Avro Vulcan (Scratchbuild.)
4. Big P40 (60" WS ARF kit from Black Horse.)
5. Fly Baby Bipe (Kit from Stevens Aero)
6. GyroChamp (Converting my tree damaged Champ to a twin rotor autogyro)
7. LNB-4 (Kit from Stevens Aero)
8. P-40 Warhawk (BARF of another GWS kit.)
9. Pinkus (Scratchbuild of a 900mm span shoulder wing parkflyer)
10. Wot Next (Scratchbuild)
Posted by davidterrell80 | Nov 29, 2012 @ 10:54 PM | 4,912 Views
The topic of money spent on my hobby arose... and the following occurred to me.

A friend of mine has a passion for firearms. He has all the requisite licenses for automatic weapons and... well, owns at least one example of almost every modern, military-grade, individual-served weapons in use around the globe in the last 20 years.

In his closet-sized bank-vault armory, he has about US$ 100,000 in firearms.
He can spend $200+ in a single trip to the shooting range, as rifle rounds may cost $1 or more; and, a belt-fed machine gun can eat them up.

On the other hand, I've spent about $2,000 in the form of my 6 RTF/ARF planes; 5 scratchbuild planes; 2 helis; 8 or 9 kits (on the shelf for a rainy day); a box of MPF; a stack of Dollar Tree foam; a box of USA Balsa products; 2 Tx; a selection of glues; covering films; paints; and a couple of boxes of the motors, servos, ESC, Rx, props, and the other parts I can use to make and repair planes.

I tell one and all that this hobby makes me happy without breaking the budget... or for less than the cost of a fully-automatic, suppressed, M-4 carbine, with holographic sights.

So there!
Posted by davidterrell80 | Nov 18, 2012 @ 05:04 PM | 5,086 Views
I'm participating in a FF to RC conversion contest in the Balsa Builders frum.

My subject is the Blackburn Skua and the build thread is located HERE.
Posted by davidterrell80 | Nov 01, 2012 @ 07:58 PM | 5,065 Views
Here's a round about way I just tried, successfully:

--Using a paper size scanner, scan the actual size, one section at a time. I was using a Peanut plan so, this was not too tough.

--In powerpoint, create a large slide (Design/page setup) the size of the original plan.

--Assemble the scanned pieces, without changing the actual size. You might have to set the white background to 'transparent' to get them to line up easily.

--Save the big picture as a PDF.

--Open the PDF in Adobe Reader X

--Print the file, Using the "Poster" setting and choose the tile scale of the desired scale up. I suggest adding the cut marks.

Hope this helps!