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One of my Amsterdam tug boats
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My kookaburra Queen 2 is slowly getting done
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QwinOut Universal EVA Nylon Remote Controller Storage Bag Portable Case for Jumper T16 PRO / AT9S / AT10 / WFLY 7 9 FUTABA / FLYSKY / FRSKY X9D Flysky Radio Controller

-The backpack has a thick carrying strap
-Brand zipper, strict inspection, safe and reliable
-Breathable and widened design to increase the area under stress

Brand: QwinOut
Suitable for:Universal Remote Controller like Futaba/Frsky/Flysky/JR/Jumper/Walkera /Wfly/Radiolink /Microzone Radio Controller
Material:EVA + nylon
Weight: 466g
Size: 26 * 26 * 11.5cm
Product contains
Handbag * 1
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Toothpick 4024-2
Bigger thrust, better efficiency, light weight design, for longer flight duration.

Light weight Toothpick 4023-3
Low pitch
Good control with high speed, awesome feeling when you fly it in race track even comparable to 5’’.
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The saying goes something like this: 'You don't know what you're missing until it's gone'. Rotorbits from Hobbyking. Drone-wise not the best. For construction purposes AWESOME. I bought a lot of Rotorbits stuff in some HK fire sale for like 0.10ct a piece and now truly benefitting from this money splurge I did a while back Perfect for strengthening the chassis & body. Only downside is it needs M2.5 bolts. Luckily I also had those but running out fast.

- Modified the Mobius to a poor man's DJI unit.

- Axial SCX10 II Builderkit arrived, quality is a bit of a let down. I expected more toughness and configuration options straight
out of the box. It feels limited and not worthy the title 'Builders Kit'. I've ordered some aluminium parts from AliX to strengthen it. I was also surprised it doesn't have options included to ajust riding height. Only body posts. Battery tray is not custom friendly. I ordered a flatter one which gives more mounting options.

- I am still waiting for the interior set. In the meanwhile, I'm closing up the bottom to keep as much dirt out as possible. Many iterations have passed and final result is still unknown... until i get the interior set and can figure out final layout.

- The pan-unit fits perfectly between the shock tower and rotorbits-brace. Unfortunately no tilt, there's no room left. This might change when the interior set is built and installed but I doubt it. The pan-unit needs to be far back to adjust for the narrower view...Continue Reading
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Below is a link to some photographs and movies of the planes first few maiden flights:
Kwik Fli III RC Plane Flies again after nearly 50 years. (2 min 54 sec)

A few years back while Bill Nichols and I were at the Cincinnati Aeromodelers Swap meet in Cincinnati, Ohio we were given a very old fuselage from a Phil Kraft Kwik Fli III. The fuselage was in disrepair and well used, the wing was long gone. After just asking the lady that was working the table and telling her what the fuselage was from {she did not know} she told us it was her late fathers stuff that she was getting rid of. After a discussion she ending up giving us the fuselage and a very old timer type plane for free, under one condition, someday we would make them all fly again. Before leaving that day, we asked the lady {I regrettably forgot her name} to sign her fathers name in one of the planes. The name was "Bill Lenzer" and the lady that gave us the plane and Bill were somehow possibly tied to I have sent an email to ZippKitts with a link to the video, it was over this past weekend, If I get a response, I will be sure to share it on here. If you from Ohio area and knew Bill Lenzer please comment and let us know, your seeing one of his planes fly again!

Fast forward to our very interesting month of March 2020 and it was time to see the Kwik Fli take to the skies again. After much work on the fuselage and building a entirely new wing, the model was sitting covered in Bill...Continue Reading
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During the Coronavirus days, what do you guys do at home? If you are one of the FPV guys, any great recommendation for a stay home drone?
Recently, more and more people choose to stay home and play at home, so let's see what will be the best choice kill you time! Please let me know your idea!

Top 1: Beta65X HD Whoop Quadcopter (2S)

>>This is the lightest and smallest brushless cinewhoop at the world!
>>With a thrilling classical brushless cinewhoop-Beta65X HD! Classical size of 65mm and light weight in 30g only. Adopted with the high-definition [email protected] Betafpv Nano HD Camera, lead you to a fairly clear image of every interesting moment with your family and your pet. Stay home and have fun with Beta65X HD.
>>Customized with the lightest 0802 14000KV motors, give you a extreme power no matter you fly indoor or outdoor.
>>Soldered with the BT2.0 connector, which can provide a stable and powerful continuous current so that you can extend the fligth time to 3:00-4:00mins compared to the Beta65 pro 2.

Item: Beta65X HD
Weight: 30g (without battery)
Frame: Meteor65 Frame
Motors: 0802 14000KV Motor
Props: Gemfan 31mm 3-blades props 1.0mm shaft hole
Camera: Betafpv Nano HD Camera
VTX: New 25mW VTX
Canopy: Canopy for Nano HD Camera
Receiver Option(Internal): Frsky FCC/ Frsky LBT/ Futaba/ PNP
Receiver Option(External): DSMX/ Flysky/ TBS Crossfire
Batteries: 2pcs BT2.0 300mah Batteries

...Continue Reading
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Got some front yard flying time with my Hyper Viper today, though it took some prep for each flight. The plane's plastic engine mounts are deteriorating and came loose on both flights, so I'm gonna have to do some serious thinking on the best way to keep it's engine from "departing the area".

Still, got in a couple flights in some fairly smooth air (which has been a rarity lately!).

Front Yard Flying...2003-'06 Cox "Hyper Viper" (3 min 46 sec)
...Continue Reading
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"Nearly a decade ago, the U.S. Intelligence Community began work on an experimental ultra-quiet, high-efficiency reconnaissance drone with an advanced hybrid-electric propulsion system. Very limited details about this secretive project, known as Great Horned Owl, have emerged since then. Now, The War Zone can share previously unseen schematics and other details about the resulting stealthy flying-wing-shaped unmanned aircraft called the XRQ-72A, which Scaled Composites, a subsidiary of Northrop Grumman well known for producing advanced aircraft designs, developed.

"The War Zone obtained the information via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the U.S. Air Force. The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) supported the Great Horned Owl program, which the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) first disclosed in 2011. IARPA is one of the Intelligence Community's top research and development arms and answers to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. It's not clear which intelligence agency or agencies may have had requirements that led to the Great Horned Owl effort, but the CIA has operated a variety of drones with a wide range of capabilities over the years to conduct various missions."
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Hello to all sailplane and model builder enthusiasts, this is my first foray into discussion groups and I am still learning how to use this medium. I came up with this slope design over a year ago and it has generated interest from many of the local fliers. Here are the specs: All wood construction, 60" span, 327 sq. in., 22 oz., 'delta' mixing, covered with Monokote. I am currently offering it as a RTF with servos installed. Hope you find it interesting!
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DJI Mavic Pro / Mavic 2 Pro / Mavic Zoom Drop & Delivery Device Mechanism (aff)

►DJI Mavic Pro/Mavic Pro Platinum:
►DJI Mavic 2 Pro / Zoom:

Video Review

DJI Mavic Pro / Mavic 2 Pro / Mavic Zoom Drop & Delivery Device Review (4 min 56 sec)

Main Specifications

1. Suitable for DJI Mavic Pro/Mavic Pro Platinum drone,
2. Can be remotely triggered for as far as the drone can fly.
3. USB charging, one button control to release via the DJI remote controller,
4. Lightweight and solid construction of the clip
5. Bottom mounting, with landing gear included! Does not affect the propellers or sensors!


...Continue Reading
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Next...Das Ugly Cub...Ugly Stik wing with Cub tips and feathers....modified Stik fuse....68" span..still working on the details.....traditional balsa built up

Specs (so far):

68" wingspan 14" chord 9% Joukowski airfoil
4250 800kv motor
11x5 or 12x5 Xoar prop
5 channel T/E/A/R/F
Lemon 6 channel receiver with satellite
5000 mah 50c 6 cell
100 amp ESC with 5 amp SBEC
19 gram metal gear digital servos (may change to std size)

Finishing the drawings and preparing to generate the cut files
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my quad with radiolink mini turbopix will only arm after i plug it in to mission planner and test a motor then i can unplug it and it will disarm and rearm no problem but after i diconect battery it will not arm till i plug it back into mission planner and test a motor please help
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Flight report on maiden:

The plane made a graceful arc to the left and dove nose first into the ground. The ground where it landed was in a low spot and muddy. The nose went in about four inches deep. Most of the wings landed next to it. Flight time: 9 seconds

1. Damage report:
Sheared off left wing entirely -- pulled the carbon fiber tube out of the joiner tube
Broke right wing at the outer quarter section
Pulled the top plate holding the wings off the plane
The fin became loose from the fuselage's tail boom
Fuselage was cracked from the front right down the right side until after the wing; fuse's ply servo platform pulled loose on that side
Shattered four ribs on the right inner wing
Pulled the right servo out of the ply base

2. Good news:
Spinner, 3.1 shaft, and plastic folding prop are solid. Just a good rinse with water was needed to remove the mud.
Everything was repaired in about four to five hours, including re-covering with film in certain key parts
The fuselage did have a crack, but the carbon fiber slats on the boom remained firm
The ailerons were easily reversed in my DX6e.

3. Cause of crash:
Ailerons were not reversed as they should have been.
Wing servos were limited by the clear plastic bubbles taped over them
Pilot couldn't respond within five seconds before plane turned over

Looking forward to flying again with the plane -- and pilot -- better than ever.
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Pride goeth before:
:: reversed ailerons
:: loose servo screws
:: missing servo screws
:: crimped control wires
:: bad or weak soldering
:: overlooked damage from a hard landing
:: caring more what others think than what you know to be the right thing
:: bloated lipos surely lasting one more go
:: low battery voltage in the Tx
:: leaving a prop on during tests
:: leaving a prop on during transports
:: thinking you have time for just one more flight
:: ignoring wind gusts
:: missing that request for help from the newbie
:: hyperfocusing instead of looking to see who has the right of way at the field
:: failing to conduct a range check
:: destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall (Proverbs 16:18).
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Due to new regulation I tried to build a cinewhoop carrying a full size Gopro well below the 250 gram limit. Here it is at 229 gram with a 3s 300mAh lipo. The drone comes in at 82 gram, the lipo at 30 gram and the Gopro (with battery) at 117 gram. Parts used:
- Fonster Kpro 125
- Diatone Mamba F411 AIO
- Flywoo Robo 1202.5
- Gemfan 3016
- Eachine Nano VTX
- Runcam Nano 3
- TPU mount
Sub 250g 3inch cinewhoop with full size Gopro (2 min 46 sec)

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Halloa people

Soooo about a week ago I review GepRC's Dolphin 4" quadro.. First time a flew a sub 250-gram 4" quad..
Not bad at all! But in general custom builds are just that little bit BETTER :P So let's go and build one why don't we

I will mostly be using parts that are also used on the RTF BetaFPV X Knight, with a few differences to make it better and lighter...

Let's first have a look at the frame for it

BetaFPV X-Knight - ULTRA Light 4" Racer - FRAME REVIEW ! (21 min 26 sec)

Parts I'll be using:

the bare Frame: the X Knight 4 or 5 inch frame

the stock X-Knight canopy: the canopy Beta itself uses for this frame

FC / ESC - BetaFPV 20A F4 2-4S AIO: BetaFPV 20A AIO FC & ESC

FPV camera - Runcam nano racer: Runcam nano racer

VTX - Runcam TX 100: Runcam TX100 VTX

motors used - BetaFPV 1505 3600KV: Beta 1505

props - HQprop 4025 2-blade: HQ 2 blade props