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My polaris

Posted by jlions72 | May 18, 2010 @ 11:20 AM | 7,801 Views
Hello I just started building my" Polaris" its been a little " tricky so far ' but I am trying, I know there is a huge thread on here and I am trying to follow it to the letter. Scott at "Model Aero " has been a real help after the sale I have called him a couple of time and he is a good guy to talk to
I can't wait to get it done I am a real "slow builder " I am trying not to "screw it up "....lol...... I tend to do that I don't have a digital camera to take some pictures so I have to wait for my daughter to come over and take some for me, I will then post my progress
" I Have The Fly Feaver and that is Good " Jim