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Posted by Shikra | Jul 11, 2013 @ 11:33 AM | 22,339 Views

I use this one from 3DR:
The newer OSD's from Hobbyking have different (=better) power circuit than older

Use KV team OSD. Files can be downloaded here:

Not going to re-invent the wheel. Its all here guys!!:
tip: one of most common failures is to forget to power the CAM side of the board when uploading screen fonts. If you get Chinese or weird characters - this is most likely cause.

There are a number of different ways to connect these up. I have attached diagrams for the two most common ways! Especially for 4s guys - but applicable to all other MultiWii boards too.

Option 1 - 12v (most common / typical)
Refer to the "Typical 12v MultiWii installation" diagram
DO NOT bridge any of the solder pads if using this method. Refer to solder pads diagram

Option 2 - 5v
Refer to the "Alternative 5v MultiWii installation" diagram
DO NOT connect 12v to the camera power pin with this connection option
Solder pads as per the "solder pads" diagram

Check the solder pads carefully and that it suits your installation - if you get it wrong there might be nice puff of magic smoke!
Ignore the PAL solder jumper - its not used.

There is also info in the WIKI:

This OSD can by default only read info from the main flight controller. This includes voltage / RSSI etc.
You can mod the OSD to read voltages etc directly. Need to be very proficient at soldering. Info is here:

About OSD variations:
MINIM OSD - Not for MultiWii
MINIM OSD EXTRA - Not for MultiWii
RUSDUINO - Supports older MultiWii and only Rushduino hardware. No longer developed.

This is current:
KV Team OSD. Based on original Rushduino - enhanced, updated and supports 2.2 and greater.