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Posted by MartinT | Jun 23, 2013 @ 02:51 PM | 7,561 Views
So here’s a new one for all you DX18QQ guys: (I think it probably should work on the 18 as well)

Another throttle cutoff. Not just another one, but one with a twist! (pun intended )

I find that the build in one has one drawback in that it only works logical in conjunction with a toggle switch. My problem with that was that if I’d inadvertently toggled the switch while in flight I’d be instantaneously out of power. And although this happening is very remote, you just know that when it happens, it will be at the worst possible time…So that always kept me from using a throttle cut / hold function.

Furthermore it always kept me nagging that why not use the rotary switch, the possibility of inadvertently switching that was a lot smaller, so why didn’t they give you the choice to use it?…

My throttle cut is improved (well at least for my own personal preferences ) from the one build into the transmitter in that you CAN use the…..Right Knob (the rotary one)! Even better: when the throttle is cutoff, it is even CLEARLY ANNUNCIATED on the screen!

It is not perfect (yet?), but close enough.

And best of all it even lets me use my often used 3 Flight Modes (FM) that I have either on switch C (in which case I have renamed the FMs mostly to something like “D/R low, med and hi”, or “Expo low, med/hi”, or if it’s a “real” (as in different configuration) flight mode change I have it on switch D and call them something like: “flaps up/take off/land”)

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