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Posted by skypup | Sep 16, 2014 @ 06:50 PM | 4,910 Views
I wrote this a few years back for a publication. Just thought newcomers to the hobby might find it interesting to hear a little about the early days.


ON Easter Sunday of 1964 something very magical happened to a young boy of 14. He was holding a model airplane which he had built (Top Flite 'Schoolboy') . The tiny engine was running at full tilt and the single channel transmitter with its aluminum case glistened in the sun. It was the pride and joy of its young owner. I digress.

Fast forward ... June, 2006.

An older gentleman finds difficulty breathing while attempting to sleep. A trip to the emergency room places him in intensive care. It seems an aortic valve replacement, which was required to fix a congenital heart condition eight years ago, failed prematurely. The situation was serious and the gentleman lay asleep for the first week of his two-week hospital stay. He was told he suffered kidney failure and a collapsed lung and that he almost didn't make it.

These experiences have occurred to me. I have decided to share my life as an active modeler and explore what this hobby has meant to me. I trust that many modelers have had the same feelings and experiences and encourage them to share their stories .

I have been fascinated by flight since my earliest memories. I remember eating Jets cereal at the age of five. The advertisements for this product showed a young boy wearing a space suit flying thru the air. If it worked for him it...Continue Reading