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Posted by Magicmanyyc | Feb 03, 2017 @ 03:14 PM | 3,869 Views
I have so many projects that I'm working on that I thought I'd start blogging my builds, adventures, successes and failures.

First entry will be my Gulp DS rebuild.

After doing a lot of reading here in RC groups on foamie building techniques, I realized that there was a much better way to build strong, smooth, and sleek foamies!!!

After a season of flying and learning DS. My Gulp SR was looking a little tattered and also found the wing a little too "flexy". So I decided to strip it and do a rebuild.

That way I have a fresh airplane for spring and a chance to try some of the new techniques before I built my new Gulp DSIII.

It's been a fun project that I've done inbetween some other builds I've been working on.

Loving thinned goop on the spackled wing and fuse. Makes the strapping tape stick so well!!!!

Started covering and almost done now. I opted to tape the fuselage and cover it vs. multiple layers of painted goop.

Looks like my finished weight will be between 40-42 oz. right around the range I was shooting for. Will build the DSIII heavier for the stronger days.

Will post more pictures as things get completed.

Here's a list of
Some of the changes I made for the rebuild.

-6oz glass bagged onto elevons on the bias.
-5 mil laminate on wings.
-More tape for strength
-reinforcing of center section as it let loose after a heavy impact with the ground.
-Carbon tow web at tips of spars.