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Posted by Shawn Palmer | Jan 24, 2008 @ 05:07 PM | 4,714 Views
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I've finally had some time to do a few FUN things after the flurry of the goings on of the last few months and I've been looking forward to starting this for quite a while!

In order to move along to brighter topics, I'll get the following out of the way:

Some of you here may recognize me as the former Marketing, Product Development and Tech Support head at Castle Creations. Yes, I said "former" there. I'm often asked why I chose to leave, and the answer is that I didn't leave, and it wasn't my choice. However, things were handled amicably and there is no ill will from either direction.

So with that chapter closed, what's in store now? The truth is that I'm in no real hurry to just find a "job" within the industry. I came to Castle and moved here to Kansas City after much research and a long search for just the right fit within both an organization and a group of people in order to make a loyal and long-term comitment to the right company and directly further the hobby industry. I've taken the last few months to repeat that process and identify where I'd like to continue a career in the industry, and I'm prepared to jump when the right opportunity is presented. <networking mode ON> So if you are or know an RC company in need of (#1) a quality person (#2) with years of industry experience in Marketing, Development and Support, I'd appreciate it if you dropped me a line. <networking mode OFF>

Thanks for listening!
Shawn Palmer