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Posted by dys123 | Today @ 04:21 AM | 120 Views
Hello,Guys. Great news to share with you.DYS released the NEW Blheli_32Bit 4 in 1 ESC,The Aria F45A.

The DYS Blheli_32Bit 4 IN 1 ESC F45A 3-5S Dshot 1200 ESC W/LED is a 32bit ESC Features the latest generation Blheli_32 firmware, and it support the newest DShot 1200 protocol.The 32bit archetecture enables the ESC to run at incredible speeds resulting in better performance, faster input signals and lower latecny compared to older 8bit ESCs.

The ESCs are light weight and compact in size, saving weight and making builds easy and neat.The ESC features new BLHeli_32 firmware pre-installed on them.

Below is spec for the Aria F45A ( 4 in 1 ESC)
Input voltage:3-5S Lipo
BEC: 5V/3A & 9V/1.5A
Weight:19.8g(without battery wire)
Cont Current(A):45A
Burts Current(A)>10S:50A

◆ With 32bit ARM Cortex MCU STM32F051 48MHZ micro processor, throttle 2048 resolution ratio,strong anti-interference capacity.
◆ Built-in two BEC 9V / 1.5A and 5V/ 3A.
◆ The telemetry port and on-board current meter of the ESC can use the flat cable and it will test the current,voltage and power etc.
◆Built-in temperature sensor will pass the telemetry port to transfer and overlay to the OSD of FC,It can be programmed setting for temperature protection.
◆ With USB linker can be programmable throttle setting like support positive and negative,two-way mode,FPV 3D mode,motor speed,braking ,PWM frequency, inlet...Continue Reading
Posted by Haeganind sandhu | Today @ 02:47 AM | 151 Views
I am thinking to buy a rc heli wltoys v913 . Its actual price is around rs3500 but I am getting it for rs1600 on shopclues .should I buy it ? please help.
Posted by CCxRC | Today @ 12:25 AM | 192 Views
DHK Zombie Leaves The Grave For A 4S Backyard Bash (2 min 13 sec)

We can't keep the DHK Zombie in the grave. It just wants to get out and bash - and you want to see it in 4s. I cut together some footage from a recent bash...complete with some hardcore slow motion crashes. As I state in the video...this is one of my favorite bashers. My brother liked it so much after he and his kids drove it that he ordered one for himself. Be sure to watch all the other DHK videos I have. This and the DHK Maximus are amazing bashers. Have fun RCing!


DHK RC playlist: http://bit.ly/DHK_Playlist

DHK Zombie 8e ⇨ http://bit.ly/DHKzombie
Posted by dhumphrey | Today @ 12:20 AM | 247 Views
Hello All,

It's been a long time since I've been here at RC Groups and my new barn find, well just had me come back. This is how I found the B-25 after sitting in a barn for almost 2 years. I'm going to get her flyable using 2x660 Kv motors.
Posted by racedouge1 | Yesterday @ 08:18 PM | 272 Views
Great Planes powered Carbon-Z Cub flies great now.
Posted by RC Roundtable | Yesterday @ 04:50 PM | 343 Views

Episode 58: "Let's Make A Deal" is now live!

In this episode, we talk about:
-Hangar 9 ASH 31
-Hangar 9 15cc Hellcat
-RC Groups and Horizon Hobby interview
-Motion RC in Europe
-FCC versus Hobby King
-Buying used RC gear online
-RCR on the web

You can visit our website at RCRoundtable.com to listen over the web or download an MP3 of the show. Or, you can subscribe to RC Roundtable on iTunes.

We would love to read your comments and ideas. Please drop us a line here, our facebook page, or email: contact@rcroundtable.com.
Posted by nigelsheffield | Yesterday @ 06:34 AM | 887 Views
Whoop with vtx control and osd with frsky Rx built in on one board from betafpv WOW that's a lot to cram in and I just had to try one out.


Here is my review and a video of it flying my b03 whoop with bs2 osd camera.

18 June 2018 (3 min 38 sec)

Some pictures of the build to give an idea of how easy this is, basically the motors just plug in as does the battery so very simple to get it flying.
For osd I needed to solder cam and vtx wires, my bs2 didn't have vtx control so I couldn't test that but it's got the connection there so just another solder pad to connect that wire.
It's on betaflight 3.2 and all I did was set my preferred channel order and rates and few tweaks on the osd.
Bound to my frsky taranis in D8 mode easily with a nice big button that's easy to press.
Everything worked first time and the b03 flew great on stock settings , no need to change pids or filters.

Name: IMG_20180616_135020.jpg
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Size: 1.40 MB

Name: IMG_20180616_135055.jpg
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Size: 1.03 MB

...Continue Reading
Posted by kopterheld | Yesterday @ 03:57 AM | 952 Views
The UR65 is thee best 1S brushless Tiny Whoop. The Snapper6 was to heavy. UR65 is lighter and flies longer over 3:30 minutes.
+ very light
+ good CMOS camera
+ good FPV video transmission
+ good battery
+ telemetry on your Flysky and FrSky transmitter
+ long flight time compared to snapper6

Video –Best 1S URUAV UR65 Tiny Whoop DE with EN subtitles
Best 1S URUAV UR65 brushless FPV Tiny Whoop - DE (5 min 55 sec)

...Continue Reading
Posted by pulsery2k1 | Jun 17, 2018 @ 11:30 PM | 1,050 Views
My winter project just completed - I took a Fly Fly 90 MM Hawk and did some modifications to make it more scale and covered it with
FOAM-TAC'S Fiberglass cloth and There Foam Finish which is a water based product - which makes not only fiberglassing easy but
with no odors and easy clean up - once the fiber glass was applied I was able to remove a lot of the excess foam - in some parts the
foam was 22-24 mm thick -I was able to thin the foam 6-10 mm without weakening the models structure.
the combination of the light covering and foam removal allowed for a ready to fly jet using a freewing 90 mm fan and 6 s 4000
35 c lipo with a ready to fly weight of 100 oz (2834 grams) the model features electric retracts, flaps, complete lighting system
Full flying stab using a CNC machined 6MM aluminum stabilizer system,...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Jun 17, 2018 @ 11:30 PM | 1,058 Views

Sent for review by Banggood > Product Page

The E32 came last week , but the weather also turned for the worse with wind gust's up to 100kmh ..
This morning was far better , but still windy .

The E32 is a single cell ( 3.7v or 4.2v Fully charged ) quad with altitude hold , one click landing , headless mode and one click return as well flip capability .
Also there is the WIFI for FPV (?) as well video recording directly to SD card or to your phone VIA the Eachine APP .
Speaking of the app , if you like me find the Google app store a complete PITA (?) , then it's relatively easy to find a direct download .
https://apkpure.com/eachine-mh/com.f...chinemh.sdrone > Direct Download .

With the app installed on your smart device ( phone ) , you can receive video ( Wifi ) and record video .
You need the app to record video , which is annoying . With my Android phone lag spikes are common and 5 or more seconds long making FPV VIA Wifi not really feasible .

Altitude hold : Some quads leap off the ground up to 3 meters when power is applied or you use some form off auto take off . I was pleasantly surprised to find that such was NOT the case with the E32 .. It rises gently off the ground and when you stop giving throttle the quad hold what ever altitude you stopped at .. This is nice as if its really windy outside you can still fly indoors .

One click landing : It really works , it's not a controlled crash as with some quads but an actual landing .

...Continue Reading
Posted by VicT | Jun 17, 2018 @ 09:57 PM | 1,079 Views
The reverse thrust after touchdown works great with wheeled floats. However I wanted to try the reverse thrust with conventional taildragger gear. To avoid reverse in the air and possible loss of control its recommended the reverse arming switch (Im using the E switch on my iX12/DX9) only be activated after touchdown. The ESC directions recommend using reverse only when the prop stops turning. So I activated the prop brake following the ESC programming directions. After closing the throttle the prop does not windmill but stops turning in about 1-2 seconds. The stopping distance is greatly reduced without the use of wheel brakes and without the risk of nose overs and prop strike damage.

Maule with Turnigy AeroStar 60 amp RVS ESC (0 min 13 sec)

Posted by FPV.Model | Jun 17, 2018 @ 09:37 PM | 1,088 Views
Dragonfly Booster 5.8G 3dBi TX/RX FPV Antenna RP-SMA/SMA

Original Price:$15.98
Now: $3.99
Link: https://goo.gl/LnxKtr

Price Valid For 1 Day !
Posted by Prof100 | Jun 17, 2018 @ 09:25 PM | 1,105 Views
This is simply a place holder.
Posted by Prof100 | Jun 17, 2018 @ 09:20 PM | 1,112 Views
From flghtengr post.
Key is to make sure rates are set to High before switching the desired switch so it is assigned.

Better SAFE than sorry!
United States, IL
Joined Mar 2013
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SAFE Select
The SAFE Select receivers behave like normal AR636 receivers for the most part. Rather than having three SAFE flight modes, there are only two modes - "SAFE on" and "SAFE off". When SAFE is on, it has self-level capabilities similar to Beginner Mode on most of the other SAFE receivers. It has the bank angle limits set to a larger angle, similar to Intermediate Mode on the other receivers. When SAFE is off, there are no self-level or bank angle limit features, turning the receiver into a normal AR636 with AS3X.

The transmitter setup is very simple for SAFE Select. First, you start with a normal, default Acro (Airplane) new model. The first 6 channels are set up to control the plane directly. If the plane has flaps, they should be connected to channel 6 (Aux1) to work with the transmitter's built-in flap system. If you have an additional feature on your plane such as retracts, that would go on channel 5 (Gear).

You can choose whether SAFE is on or off permanently during the bind process. If you bind your transmitter to the receiver in the typical way, SAFE will be off. If you change up the order of the last two steps, you can bind with SAFE turned on.

Bind with SAFE off:
Insert bind plug in receiver.
Power up plane/receiver.
Bind...Continue Reading
Posted by GBLynden | Jun 17, 2018 @ 07:22 PM | 1,198 Views
This is my buddy Bryan ripping with his Great Planes Cirrus SR22T RC Plane at the Home of the Model Aircraft Society Camano Island.

Bryan Ripping With His Great Planes Cirrus SR22T RC Plane At Camano (4 min 57 sec)

Posted by LucasGC | Jun 17, 2018 @ 05:12 PM | 1,236 Views
Hey all,
Have my first setup planned out, but haven't flown FPV before and i wanted to be sure i have everything i need, so i thought i'd post my list.
I'm pretty good at LOS and i've flown a sim for a while

Diatone gt-m3 - figured i could lower the rates a bit until i feel confident on it

spektrum dx6 - already have it

longbow mini dsm receiver - only one i've found that fits, if anyone has a recommendation for a longer range receiver that fits i would love to hear it!

Eachine VR D2 Pro goggles - on sale right now, any recommendations for boosting range with vtx?

850 maH 3s and 4s battery - what do i charge these with?
Posted by Rups63 | Jun 17, 2018 @ 03:38 PM | 1,336 Views
Picture of wing halves taken apart.