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Posted by kentdavid | Feb 23, 2020 @ 07:09 PM | 4,272 Views
Hi all.
I am new to this site and am finding it hard to navigate through it. I'm not sure if this post will work so would really appreciate an acknowledgement if it does.
After a few years of looking online for free usable downloadable plans I have now bought the plans for a 1/23 scale Mosquito. It is designed for control line which was a disappointment but I am hoping to convert it to radio control. Another challenge after the adaptation will be I have never flown one before. I have however built 3 rubber powered planes before. 2 Spitfires and an FW 190 all of which did fly. I joined this site primarily to learn more about radio control equipment and where and how to place the servo's, receiver and control rods. Any help with these would be gratefully received.

So onto the build the build log.
The plans I have state that almost all the parts are 1/16 inch balsa. My first thought was that's ok for control line but is it strong enough for landing. I have traced all the parts I will need to make and then photocopied them. The wing plan and fuselage side and plan view then had to joined together with 3 sheets of A4. The Idea being not to use the original plans too much incase I need them again. Another problem with the plans is that the wings and fuselage are built in a split section so the top half of the fuselage and the top of the wings are built on the plans with the lower halves added after. This is something else I haven't done before. I'll maybe see if I can modify this to build in the conventional way.