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Posted by BladeScraper | Sep 28, 2013 @ 11:33 PM | 3,631 Views
So the other canopy I wanted was out of stock, so I'm getting this one instead

Posted by BladeScraper | Sep 25, 2013 @ 10:30 AM | 3,811 Views
Lynx LXMCPX-BL002 canopy is on its way

Hopefully it's better than the first version it should be a better fit and I think it looks cooler

Posted by BladeScraper | Sep 23, 2013 @ 08:19 PM | 4,036 Views
Well it got here today.
Found it packaged very well... lots of bubble wrap!

Things needed to build:
-Phillips Screwdriver. I used an Align Phillips from a T-Rex 250 kit. Works great.
-Blue Threadlock
-Patience and Time

I opened the package and got to work building it. It came with everything I needed besides a screwdriver of course. Everything was individually packaged in tiny little bags according to what they were. Most of the frame was assembled; the carbon fiber side plates were screwed onto the metal parts already. Of course, you want to take it all out to loctite them (mine did not come with any traces loctite) and you need to take it apart anyway to finish building it. Remember to use blue loctite on all metal-to-metal screw joints.

First thing you need to do is take the left side plate (viewing from the back) off and set it aside. Look at the pictures to assist you in building it. Be very careful, a lot of the plastic parts are NOT symmetrical and will not work the other way. I learned that the hard way, had to disassemble almost the whole frame because of one backwards part

Installing the AR bracket was easy, all you need to do is put the screw through it and screw it into the plastic holder. The plastic is formed in a way that it locks the AR bracket in place once you tighten it fully. Very nice, no need for two screws.

Once the frame is fully built, I decided to install the motor FIRST, then the servos. It seems easier. You need to use the motor screws...Continue Reading
Posted by BladeScraper | Sep 23, 2013 @ 07:46 PM | 3,448 Views
Xtreme Carbon Fiber Chassis and Xtreme Skid Set

I do NOT like this part. The tail boom clamp...stripped the hole on the first tightening (barely even tightened it)
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Posted by BladeScraper | Sep 22, 2013 @ 08:42 PM | 3,566 Views
Not my mCP X, but thought I would share it.

Today I went to an indoor fly in that I always go to on Sundays. A few months back, I was doing 3D with the V2 without problems, tail was holding great. However, recently, the tail wouldn't hold, at all. I mean 720 degree blow outs on pitch pumps. I reduced collective travel but it didn't help.

So, today I wanted to fly it.... it flies great, almost better than the Nano (when it flies right) so I wanted to fly it again. The tail was doing the same thing, so I decided to go all-out redneck on it:

All I had were 2 other burned out mCP X tails, and a brand new Nano CPX tail assembly. So, I cut the mCP X system off the boom, leaving just the carbon tube. I put it into the frame... I then took the Nano CPX tail boom, plugged it in, the proceeded to TAPE it to the one on the frame. Made sure it was solid and square... it works. And voila! A working absolutely ugly tail boom!

The tail held okay (still blew out) so I decided to do something else. A buddy of mine showed me his tail... 4 bladed tail rotor... kind of. Just two stockers next to each other. You have to cut off the back of one of them in order to get both on.

I put the one I cut on the inside, that way the one that had more gripping the motor shaft held it on better.
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Posted by BladeScraper | Sep 20, 2013 @ 08:00 PM | 3,675 Views
I can't wait!
JURASSIC PARK 4 Confirmed! - ETC (2 min 57 sec)

Posted by BladeScraper | Sep 16, 2013 @ 07:18 PM | 4,757 Views

O.S. .15 Nitro

Fuel Tank
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Posted by BladeScraper | Sep 15, 2013 @ 07:43 PM | 4,355 Views
Posted by BladeScraper | Sep 15, 2013 @ 11:19 AM | 4,617 Views
As you know I got a.O.S. .25 Nitro Engine yesterday. I checked the glow plug and it works. I just need fuel tubing for it to work. And fuel of course. It is an older model, not the O.S. .25 LA or AX. I don't know what model it is. I want to it throw onto a Mojo .25 or Primo .15 kit. On the .25 I have a feeling It may not have the power that it should because this is an old version of the O.S. .25 which may not be as powerful. If I get the Primo .15 it will have power flying spare, not to mention it will be a lot cheaper to build. We'll see.
Posted by BladeScraper | Sep 14, 2013 @ 07:27 PM | 4,286 Views
Had a great time.
Looks like someone crashed into his car lol

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Posted by BladeScraper | Sep 14, 2013 @ 06:44 PM | 4,842 Views
Wow... I actually won a raffle! That never happens.

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Posted by BladeScraper | Sep 13, 2013 @ 04:44 PM | 3,650 Views
Finally got my blades tracked perfectly on my 450. Flies nicer and is much quieter now.
Posted by BladeScraper | Sep 12, 2013 @ 07:15 PM | 4,250 Views
The mCP X BL flies again!
Posted by BladeScraper | Sep 12, 2013 @ 03:03 PM | 3,911 Views
My 450 blades are here, main and tail

Posted by BladeScraper | Sep 09, 2013 @ 09:26 PM | 3,687 Views
Just ordered some parts for my 450:

-62mm TIG Carbon Fiber Tail Blades
-325mm Carbon Fiber Main Blades
-325mm Fibreglass Main Blades
-335mm Fibreglass Main Blades

Also ordered some 260mAh 2s Li-Po's for my 25" Foamy

And a few other things my dad needed

Came out to be about $71 shipped.
Posted by BladeScraper | Sep 08, 2013 @ 07:20 PM | 3,445 Views
nevermind. really.
Posted by BladeScraper | Sep 08, 2013 @ 03:04 PM | 3,894 Views
I SERIOUSLY want a T-Rex 450L Dominator

T REX 450L DOMINATOR Test Flight 1 (3 min 50 sec)

This thing is SO sick!

6s Power
360mm Blades

This thing is a freaking rocket!
Posted by BladeScraper | Sep 07, 2013 @ 11:17 PM | 3,669 Views
Posted by BladeScraper | Sep 07, 2013 @ 09:57 PM | 3,591 Views
New servo mechanics for my mCP X BL are on their way
Posted by BladeScraper | Sep 07, 2013 @ 05:57 PM | 3,426 Views
I'm resetting my iPod. It's SO slow.