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Posted by nlyn | Aug 06, 2013 @ 11:30 PM | 6,578 Views
So I had a KK2.0, some blue wonder motors, F20A SK esc's and a piece of 1/2" birch ply board laying around and put this together in about 8 hours total.

The frame is one single piece of ply board. Very light and strong. Although CNC would be ideal, I don't have one so I cut the frame out manually with a jigsaw. It has some unevenness to it, but I knew that would be the case using a handheld jigsaw and hand held drill.

I'm not sure I like how it flies with the KK2.0 and will swap it out with a MWC based board. It does however have insane flight time with those blue wonders drawing no more than 7 amps and putting out about 400gr of thrust. I get about 15 minutes on 3S 2200 20C

I built this for practicing flips and rolls, hence the super expendable GWS style HD props. Not my best scratch build, but I like it better than the spare parts it was 8 hours earlier.

Let me know what you think.