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Posted by flywmoi | Mar 07, 2013 @ 10:43 AM | 5,385 Views
Having issues though, not great on range, need some advice and help

1 900 MHz 500mW video TX
1 900 MHz Video RX
1 DPC-480A Camera
1 900 MHz 3dbi antenna
1 900 MHZ 2dbi antenna on the rotor craft
1 Eagle Tree Pro system + 100A E-Logger
1 10 HZ ET GPS
1 ET Ground Station Antenna Tracking, Diversity, Telemetry System
A GoPro HD2
Naza system and Naza GPS
1 HD LCD Monitor
1 Video Eyewear with Audio

Here is a few pictures of my base station and my quad F450

Can someone let me know if my base system is not correct or why I cannot get very far distance with my system..

I'm not sure if I need to place the antennas in a different position?
Or if I should spread them further apart?
I just cant get my quad more than 200 yards before I loose everything, I have the antenna mounted on the quads leg pointing downward and to the side??...Continue Reading