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Posted by FoamJunkE | Apr 27, 2020 @ 07:54 AM | 9,429 Views
So I finally decided to blow the dust off the old box, I rat holed so many years ago now, that contained a little jem of a foamy model F-86 many of us have come to love. I actually got this particular jet from none other than the Don himself (wicked motors Don'sRC). If you've read through the original Venom F-86 thread before or just simply clicked on the thumbnails tab to see all the wonderful attachments that others have shared on the thread you will see some familiar build items that others chose to incorporate and some new ones as well. I'll do my best to give credit where credit is do since some of the items used in the build were purchased by those with much greater skill level than my own. I did my best to take pictures of this and that along the way as to document the process. This will basically be a build through photos with brief discriptions of each, but first a couple of stats.

Build Components:

FMS 12blade 1850kv fan/motor combo
HobbyWing FunFly 100 Amp Opto ESC
RC Lander light kit
Electric retracts bought from XFlightRc (years ago)
Stock servos
Custom Air Sally nose piece
Custom duct made by AS designed by Boogie(i believe)
Almost forgot, Custom cockpit by Dionysus from my first Sabre
Nighttime rollout of My Dream Venom F-86 (1 min 38 sec)
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