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Posted by 1stairwolf | Oct 10, 2010 @ 08:47 PM | 4,712 Views
MadHawk 300 Black AirWolf - Pictures And Answers

The Exceed RC 2.4 Ghz MadHawk 300 4-Channel RC Helicopter Fixed Pitch LCD Remote Control {Black AirWolf}

Being new to the aerial sport of RMC Helicopter flight, I have found that having a picture of the specific area of the 300 that I have a question about makes its easier and faster for the Gurus and Guruettes to provide the requested answer/s.

I have taken some digital pictures of my Airwolf and feel free to copy any of them to support and clarify any questions you may ask of others in the forums. Iíll post more as time goes by. I have read a great deal here about my particular helicopter and watched many videos and wish to thank you all for the support you have provided to us newbies. A special Thank You goes to ďJasmine2501,Ē for the knowledge and guidance shared with me and countless others.

As of this posting, Iím building my relationship with my Black AirWolf, good wine, nice dinners, flowers and a lot of fondling, but Iíve yet to turn the power on. Iíll know when the time is right, first I have to show her the respect she deserves. Besides this lady has some really, Big Guns.

If, you care to post your own images of the MadHawk 300 here to help others, please do. Now, this is not carved in stone, but letís keep the focus on the MadHawk 300 as much as possible, okay?

11-08-10 I've added some pics of the AirWolf 300 power train with some labeling of parts. My tail motor seems to have...Continue Reading