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Posted by Absaroka | Yesterday @ 10:36 PM | 121 Views
The wind was a beast and I'm always surprised how this light plane can handle it so well.
Valiant 11- 22 (3 min 14 sec)

Posted by cubcrafter60 | Yesterday @ 09:57 PM | 177 Views
If you've looked at my "Top 10 favorite planes" or my "Seagull Gipsy Moth" threads then you probably know that the DH.60 Gipsy Moth is my favorite aircraft. I've decided to make this my 'winter build' and I'm basically continuing my Seagull Gipsy build thread here (only way I could think of to make it show back up at the bottom of my posts! Made the decision to go with an e-flite Power 90 on 8s so I could use the dummy motor and a sound system and hope to finally wrap this project up! So here goes...

The spruce stringer material arrived a couple of days ago and I got one of the stringers installed (spruce is a bit stiffer than I remembered). When I ordered I also ordered plenty of 1/32nd and 1/16th ply to laser cut the parts for dummy Gipsy II engine top end and also ordered a piece of 1/16th mahogany to cut the instrument panel out of for the rear cockpit (the front cockpit on G-AANL has a shelf instead of a panel) and most of my work the past couple of days has been focused on the panel sizing and lay out. I ordered a 1/5th scale WWI British instrument set and some extra bezels from https://www.iflytailies.com/ and will be using some of them on the DH.60 panel. He has a ton of really nice accessories on the site and is really responsive to inquiries. Here's some shots of the panel development.
Posted by genstattu-acepowling | Yesterday @ 09:37 PM | 173 Views
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Posted by chrisgood | Yesterday @ 08:47 PM | 222 Views
My main RC webpage is here: http://www.chrisgood.com/rcplanes/index.html

Thunder Tiger Raptor 30 helicopter w/ OS 37
Thunder Tiger Raptor 60 helicopter w/ OS 70
Align T-Rex 450 (x3) - three helicopters w/ 450 inrunners
6' Wingspan Flying Wing w/ three outrunners - VTOL, transitioning from hover to forward flight using KK 2.1 w/ OpenAeroVTOL
NightOwl (blue) - w/ two small outrunners - VTOL - transitioning from hover to forward flight
NightOwl (white) - w/ two small outrunners - VTOL - transitioning from hover to forward flight
Quadcopter V-tail w/ four 2212 outrunners & Flip32 FC
Quadcopter V-tail w/ four 2410 outrunners & Flip32 FC
Quadcopter w/ four 2408 outruners & Naze FC
Hexacopter w/ six 2410 outrunners & Flip32 FC
Hexacopter w/ six 2210 outrunners & Flip32 FC
Quadcopter V-tail w/ four 3520 outrunners & Flip32 FC
Quadcopter Racer 130 w/ four 1105 outrunners & Naze - FPV
Quaccopter Racer 250 w/ four 2204 outrunners & Flip32 - FPV
Quadcopter 210 w/ four 2205 outrunners & Evo F3 FC - FPV
Quadcopter 210 w/ four 2204 outrunners & Evo F3 FC - FPV
Quadcopter 210 w/ four 2212 outrunners & Evo F3 FC - FPV
Quadcopter 210 w/ four 2205 outrunners & Evo F3 FC - FPV
Posted by chrisgood | Yesterday @ 08:42 PM | 253 Views
My main RC webpage is here: http://www.chrisgood.com/rcplanes/index.html

13' Wingspan Flying Wing w/ 5065 outrunner
9' Wingspan Flying Wing w/ EFlite 32 outrunner
8.5' Wingspan Flying Wing w/ 4.5" Electric Ducted Fan
6' Wingspan Flying Wing w/ 480 outrunner
6' Wingspan Flying Wing w/ 480 outrunner - filled with LEDs for night flying
6' Wingspan Flying Wing w/ 480 outrunner - FPV plane with complete EagleTree system
6' Wingspan Flying Wing w/ 480 outrunner - FPV plane with Flip32 FC running iNav
5' Wingspan Flying Wing w/ 450 outrunner
5' Wingspan Flying Wing w/ 450 outrunner - covered with hundreds of LEDs for night flying, GoPro camera mount
5' Wingspan Flying Wing w/ 450 outrunner - covered with hundreds of LEDs for night flying, internal Sony Bloggie camera compartment
4' Wingspan Flying Wing Razor w/ 2410 outrunner
Lanier Double Trouble w/ 4250 outrunner
ACE Hog Bipe w/ 4130 outrunner
Balsa USA Phaeton II w/ 4130 outrunner
1/2 Size Scale Shadow 200 UAV w/ 4130 outrunner
Night Trainer w/ 60 size outrunner - covered with hundreds of LEDS for night flying
Lancair w/ two 60 size outrunners on a single shaft
Piper Cub w/ 3520 outrunner
Rutan Defiant w/ two 35 size outrunners
Funtana w/ 2908 outrunner
Phoenix w/ 2836 outrunner - - covered with hundreds of LEDS for night flying
Paragon w/ two 2410 outrunners
Bird Of Time w/ two 2410 outrunners - covered with hundreds of LEDS for night flying
Olympic 650 glider
Sagitta 900 glider
Easystar w/...Continue Reading
Posted by VicT | Yesterday @ 08:26 PM | 226 Views
The stock wing bolts are too short to hold the wing panels to the front or rear brass threaded inserts. I originally made wing hold down bolts from 3mm Allen head bolts screwed into a dowel. A washer was made from a credit card type plastic with a music wire pin to hold it in place. A nice custom bolt but went to Ace Hardware and bought the 50 mm long 3 mm bolts with a metal washer for my buddies to use. I can use my fingers to hand tighten or a Phillips head driver. See sketch below. See post 619 for picture info.
Posted by Mad_angler1 | Yesterday @ 06:32 PM | 381 Views

Today DJI have release a new updated version of the Goggles called the Racing Edition

This new version of the goggles carries quite a large number of upgrades over the standard model, along side the Ocusync receiver and HDMI or USB input DJI have added a 12 channel analog receiver with DVR to support FPV analog transmitters, the goggles have an improved redesigned visor and headband with new red leather covering over the foam, along side these updates DJI have also expanded the goggles playback support to include MP4, MOV, MKV.

DJI Camera Module & Ocusync Air Unit

...Continue Reading
Posted by mlilasic | Yesterday @ 06:12 PM | 350 Views
Review (ip) of AKK F4 Flight Controller with Integrated OSD and SD Card slot

FC for my new quad build just came. Its F4 Flight Controller with Integrated OSD and SD Card slot from AKK.
FC looks great and quality build. Still waiting for motors for my build to come, so stay tuned for some test flights.

AKK F4 FC Specifications:
  • Size: 36MM*36MM
  • PCB Thickness: 1.2MM
  • Processor: STM32F405RGT6
  • Transmitter: MPU6000 integrated accelerometer/gyroscope
  • Preset firmware version:3.1.7-OMNIBUSF4SD
  • Signal of receiver supported: PPM/SBUS
  • Barometer: BMP280
  • OSD: Flight Control Board IMU with Integrated OSD, support ground station Betaflight OSD parameter configuring; support tunning PID with OSD by using the remote controller; Transmitter power, frequency band/CH can be tuned with OSD based on the Betaflight.(Support FPV transmitter like AKK X2/X2P)
  • Galvanometer: Integrated Gal, power current consumption real-time monitoring available
  • Power supply: Built-in power module BEC
  • SD card slot: standard SD card slot
  • Weight: 7.5gram

...Continue Reading
Posted by winchdoc | Yesterday @ 05:59 PM | 374 Views
Not as rough as yesterday, I feel 50% better.
Special cookies help a lot with the jitters and nausea . I expect another 50% tomorrow.
Fingers crossed.
Posted by Tazkiller85 | Yesterday @ 05:35 PM | 377 Views
Tchoo Les Amis,

360°, Circle Mode ... Vomis Mode oui ! Je vous présente aujourd'hui le JJRC H51 Rocket 360. Un petit engin très original qui fonctionne parfaitement bien, l'idée était bonne jusqu'au moment ou un des dévelopeur à eu l'idée "géniale" d'ajouter un mode "toupie" et un mode "Circle Toupie" !!! lol ... 2 fonctions qui, pour moi, ne servent à rien, et surtout au niveau des images que ça donne, un vomitif performant à mon avis . Plus serieusement, mis à part ces deux fonctions inutiles, il fait bien le Taf, tant au niveau pilotage que pour le rendu d'images plutôt correctes pour un engin de cette catégorie et à ce prix . Rien à lui reprocher, pas ouf, mais original et fonctionnel.

N' hésitez pas à laisser en commentaires, vos remarques sur la VIDÉO ou le sujet ... et si vous avez apprécié le montage, le contenu ou le concept ! ... LIKEZ svp.

JJRC H51 Rocket 360 Review Test Démo / C'est bientôt NOËL !!!!! (30 min 8 sec)

NOTATAZ : 17/20 ORIGINAL et PERFORMANT, je valide !

Les + : Stabilité, Modes de vol, Prise en main facile, Images correctes, Pliable, Batterie standard (JST) !
Les - : Des fonctions (360° et Circle) marrantes mais inutiles !

Les produits présentés sont visibles ici :

- JJRD H51 ROCKET 360 : https://goo.gl/WZBDvv

Pour le concours, voici les vidéos des produits à gagner, pas besoin de "je participe", mettez juste en commentaire le produit que...Continue Reading
Posted by chrisgood | Yesterday @ 10:32 AM | 740 Views
My main RC webpage is here: http://www.chrisgood.com/rcplanes/index.html

1/12 SR-71 Blackbird w/ 2x OS 91 VR-DF
Super Hots Pink w/ OS 61
Super Hots Blue w/ OS 61
Profile Hots w/ MVSS 46
X-29 Canard w/ OS 61
Conniption stunt plane w/ OS 50
Ultra Hots w/ SuperTigre 3000
Hanger 9 Ultra Stick w/ OS 61
Lanier Double Trouble w/ OS 46
16' Wingspan Flying Wing w/ SuperTigre...Continue Reading
Posted by readysetdrone | Yesterday @ 08:39 AM | 845 Views
If you like to fly DJI drones as well as 5.8 Ghz racing drones, then the new DJI Racing Edition Goggles may be just what you have been looking for. They support Ocusync as well as 5.8 Ghz analog FPV signals. They are bright, comfortable and have an amazing image quality.
Check out our full review of them!
DJI Goggles FPV Racing Edition - Full Review (12 min 29 sec)

Posted by KristofferR | Yesterday @ 06:12 AM | 1,017 Views
With snow and hard winds, flying is out of the question. Dreams of warm summer days on the slopes seem like just dreams. I decided to prepare a little for those longer excursions where you need more charge, borrow a pack, fix something or whatnot and went on a solder spree....! The picture does not even show it all. I also made a TX charging cable, a custom setup so the kids can safely charge their monster truck NiMH without my help and various automotive adapters among other things.

(Note that the yellow connector adapters are ready-bought items. With those and my cables I should be ready for almost anything!)
Posted by chir0n | Yesterday @ 05:21 AM | 1,053 Views
FPV in the mountains (6 min 18 sec)

Posted by cuavlindy | Yesterday @ 04:17 AM | 1,088 Views
hi , my dear friend

do you know the pixhack V3 flight controller? how many you use this controller ?

what do you think for it ?
Posted by rinoki71 | Nov 21, 2017 @ 09:32 PM | 1,466 Views
This is a pretty nice little drone (same as the JJRC H67) that carries a Santa Lego figure and plays x-mas music such as Jingle Bells very loudly! LOL Overall a very fun little x-mas themed drone that is fun to fly around the Christmas trees or X-mas parties.

Eachine E011C Musical "Santa Whoop" Review (13 min 58 sec)

Posted by old4570 | Nov 21, 2017 @ 08:51 PM | 1,522 Views

The very second the K110 lifted off the ground I had this massive moment of Deija Vu that made me almost lose control of the K110 . Well moments later I hit something in anyway which brought on more Deija Vu . I had this eerie feeling that I had done this before , but how was that possible ? And then it hit me like a brick through a glass plate window ( James Bond ) . I had done this before , with my Super CP . The XK K100 was flying and handling almost exactly the same as my Super CP from (?) almost half a decade ago . ( I failed to break mine )

My initial impression was that the K110 was very mushy around neutral stick ( center ) , rates @ stock were 80% with 20% Expo .. And after lowering rates and lowering expo ( 75% Rates - 5% Expo ) , it was still very mushy feeling around center stick . ( Yes I bounced the K110 off a few things in the very limited space I was hovering in ) . I gave up and just switched to 100% rates and no Expo .. Much better ! The problem with mushy controls is that the K110 is very lively and once it starts to move you really want to stay on top of it or else it will bounce off something before you get a chance to do anything .

In no way shape would I say the K110 is noob friendly , not even as a second model . In 6 axis mode it is capable of covering a lot of ground in one second and unless you are heli familiar you just might keep the spare parts sellers in business . Now there are a few things I don't care for in 6...Continue Reading