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Posted by Flyer007ma | Jan 02, 2015 @ 01:18 AM | 4,477 Views
So I was asked to help print some 10 degree motor mounts. At first this seemed like a simple task.

But after looking at the different frames I noticed an issue. The angle of the existing frame mounts varied so that a true 10 degree match would have to be made specific to each manufactures frame.

Of course this would not work well. So what to do? Well the common element across the designs was a central hole (for shaft clearance). Hence I came up with using this as the main mount point for my universal motor mount.

I created the mount in two pieces.
1. This mounts to the motor. It is slotted to allow for multiple motor hole patterns. It also has a relief for shaft clearance.
2. This mounts to both the motor mount (1) and the frame (via central hole). It has reliefs for the motor mount bolt heads. Also the holes for mounting to #1 are countersunk so not to interfere with frame.

By rotating this assembly around the central frame hole, we can achieve a true 10 degree forward lean no matter the manufacture or arm the mount is attached to.

Image notes:
Top left is assembled
Lower left is the bottom of lower piece
Right is split view

Bottom piece is 5mm high
Leading edge assembled is around 8mm
Trailing edge is approx.12mm