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Posted by MookieStick | Jan 06, 2014 @ 05:01 PM | 3,489 Views
This is a picture of my grandfather in hs B-57B at Johnson Airbase in Japan. I am dieing to make a model of this plane to glide with and also to have another to place EDF's in and fly out of my local club.I am posting this to show a pic in a thread started about possibly kitting one of these and I wanted to show the people involved in the thread a pic of him in his plane
If anyone has a large kit I would possibly be interested in it. I know there are plans out there but the sizes short of Tripplet I just dont feel I could use.I am looking into buying the wire so I can hotwire what I need. It is a pretty straight forward plane with a tube for a Fus, and the wing is nothing short of awesome!I already have spoken with other people with lits that they have made and have advise on the airfoil.I am only needing wire as I already have all the gear to hotwire my needs.I am thinking of using inexpesive foam to start with so i can test and change things as needed.I already have all the running gear for a glider and just need the motors for the powered version.
I have just seen what the B-57 and Canberra use for "Airbrakes" and at forst I thought they were some kind of air sampling tubes or somethingLOL! I am thinking of making a box to install into the wing that I simply imbed with the servo already installed and just run the wires.I am fortunate to already have all the connectors,wire and crimpers for making my own servo wire harnesses.
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Posted by MookieStick | Nov 26, 2013 @ 11:28 AM | 3,074 Views
I found out that one fo my nephews wants me to teach him to fly so I am going to be buying new gear to make shure I have enough for two to fly at the same time.The spektrum dx6i will be his to learn on and I am going to pick up a Aurora 9x for me as well as Alan Cocconi's telemetry gear. There is going to be other toys but I figure that is good enough for now.
The thing that really made my day was last night I emailed AMA about possibly getting my Grandfathers AMA member # because all his planes had that # on the wings of his planes as well as the tool box I have has the old rules and his # on the lid. I was told because it was such a low # I would have to present proof so off whent photos showing the # and me holding the planes as a boy with a bunch of info about where and when he flew.
In less than a hour I was told the good news that the # was mine!I was not expecting to get it. They shure earned a huge fan in me! I was so excited that I could not get to sleep. My mother and I spent many hours talking about my grandfather and how much this meant to both of us. We sat and I showed her a bunch of slope soaring videos I just love from people in the Alps and the Point Hermanus Slope Rebels. This allowed me to show her the planes I planed on building with my nephew. What blew me away was she liked all the musisc everyone was using in thier videos.That was the last thing I was waiting
This is why yesterday was such a great day for me! Also helps that I keep putting weight on like mad......
Mookie aka Gordon
Posted by MookieStick | Nov 18, 2013 @ 04:51 AM | 3,678 Views
This is my grandfather I would go stay with every summer when I was young. Richard Gordon Pratt. He was a member of the "flying Circus"I want to say in apple valley up in the Mojave dessert.He is the one that taught me to build everything flat or don't start!If any of you knew him I would love to know.He was also a member of the flying club at Edwards Air Force base and others as Pratt & Whitney would move him from base to base.
I was raised arround RC for most of my life and Maidened arround the age of 14. One of these days I am going to have ot pick up a fully functional Kraft 5 channel.
It is so nice being able to build again!
Notice the Valley Vulture insignia on the tail of the phat porter 4 images down.
Posted by MookieStick | Nov 08, 2013 @ 07:30 AM | 5,338 Views
I have the streangth to work on the kits waiting to be built and its so nice.I am really looking forward to everything from building, painting. I am going to break out the vinyl cutter and other tools out to start playing again.
I am so thankfull for those of you that helped me.I am also happy to have bought kits from local kit manufactureres!
I cant understate how nice it is to be happy again.This last bought of problems really scared the hell out of me
Cant wait to get back out to the slopes.
Posted by MookieStick | Oct 30, 2013 @ 08:38 AM | 3,482 Views
I wanted to post the file in case the link whent down. If this helps anyone or you are working on this era of planes zdrop me a msg. I would love to hear from you. I am planning on working on some of these models after I finish building my Proctor JN-4HD,Joe Manors D80 aquired two days ago,DAW Komet and a DAW P-40 warhawk oh yea and a carbon JW
If any of the Orange County slope soaring crew comes through my page I am planning on making several P-40's like you are making so I can take some shutins out to the slopes to learn to fly.God I love planes that bounce!
Darn. it compressed only to 56 megs sos its not going here Maybe I need to pay for a membership if it lets me have more space. heres the link.
Posted by MookieStick | Oct 20, 2013 @ 03:32 AM | 3,704 Views
reading a sept 1999 article in Air&Space I saw a article about Bruce Montgomeery and his job at BYU collecting these files for historicle reasons. Here is the PDF file that is the list of what he has.
PDF is titled Collection.pdf Any probblems downloading and I will send it to you.
I will be contacting BYU to see if the collection is still public and available to modelers. In the article it states it is. Man in charge was David Montgomery.
Hope this helps someone
Gordon Cheek