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Want to learn to fly a fixed wing RC airplane? Check out theXK A600. It has 5 channels, brushless motor and comes ready to fly!
RC Airplane Review - XK A600 Brushless (14 min 47 sec)

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HOT FREEE SHIIPIN CUAV U-Blox NEO-M8N High Precision GPS For Pixhack Pixhawk PX4 APM Flight Controller

why not try ?

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On Sunday morning I had the joy of getting a new friend back on to RC flight after a very long time away from the hobby.
He comes from England and is now living here on the Sunshine Coast. As a youngster he had some experience with the planes his father built and flew.
I was impressed with how well he performed after such a time away from the sticks.
The plane I chose was my EasyFly glider, now very much modified and converted to be an FPV plane. It is the plane mentioned previously in this blog as having been rebuilt after a major crash.
It did not have the FPV pod installed for this session. I'm stupid, but not that stupid.
Anyway, I took the thing up to a good height and handed over the Tx. And he flew quite OK. This is a very easy plane to fly, a thing he commented on, but it was impressive that he did so well.
There was a bit of bad management on my part when I didn't resume control early enough and I had to land about 300 metres away with a sagging battery.
This distance is problematic for my ageing eyesight but no damage resulted.
I also flew Wedgetail, also mentioned previously. It is now fitted with new PVC landing gear.
The thing is quite a handful, being way over powered, short coupled and with large control surfaces. No nice relaxing flight time with this one.
Perhaps I found it a little daunting because I have not been flying recently. When I get back some form I'll probably be wondering why I had to really concentrate so to keep it on track.
It sure has an impressive rate of climb.
No doubt it also would have an impressive rate of decent which could easily end in planetary impact, and it was this that focused my attention.
The wind came up and put an end to the proceedings. But we'll be back.
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The Ford Flivver 268 plans are tricky in places. The fin and rudder have details that have to be closely followed carefully.

The fin is 1/8 in. thick to build over the plans. When finished, you have to add 1/32 in. sheeting on both sides.

The rudder is 3/16 in. thick with extremely long and curved laminations. I made everything from cuts to sheeting. However the rudder has no sheeting.

The moment of truth is when the tail wheel bracket has to be inserted into a hole in the rudder and a trough has to be delicately run down the lower spine of the rudder. My alignment was off by only 1/16 in., but that threw the tail wheel off by 1/4 in. To resolve the problem, I could have re-soldered the bracket, but realized it could lead to new problems. I used a metal file to slim the top of the bracket insertion rod and cut the insertion hole on an angle. By gluing on a 1/64 in. plywood curved side, I covered where the bracket popped through the soft balsa.

There are two 1/8 in. dowel rods inserted into the bottom of the fin. Now, that means the 1/8 in. balsa rail gets cut through in two places! I cut the holes carefully and sliced the sides. Then I sanded flat the parts so that the sides didn’t bulge. I used CA to quickly fix the dowels.

When I put the 1/32 in. sheeting on, everything laid flat. I used yellow wood glue on the fin and it alarmed me when the balsa began to limber up. I moved quickly to glue both slides. I layed the glued fin on a Formica kitchen...Continue Reading
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Latest star wars build. Came out very light, so it flies super slow. Build thread with plans https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...rs-Snowspeeder

Snowspeeder Project (4 min 43 sec)

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Maiden flight done-cycled three batteries through it today...what a fun flyer ........very satisfied😀
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Surprisingly, we had quite a lot of snow today.
Honk im Schnee (1 min 54 sec)

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Hope everyone has been good and Santa brings you something to show off while at the flying field.

Merry Christmas , Happy Holidays and a Great New Year

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P51 from littohot in flight
P51 Littohot (1 min 46 sec)

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Wanted to check out my new Mobius (Runcam died) so I flew the Valiant. Saving the Cub maiden for better weather!
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Fitted the nacelles to the wings....up next is the fuselage