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Posted by nuteman | Feb 03, 2014 @ 11:12 AM | 9,165 Views

The aim of the videos is to help others with suggestions for approaches that worked well for the particular layout of the video (canard, delta, biplane, etc.).
In almost all cases the suggestions are a result of having tried other approaches that did not work as well.
Is it possible that there are other approaches that will yield similar or better results? Of course.

1. Yes, the camera work is too shaky in some of the videos.
2. Yes, the bed is unmade in some of the videos.
3. Yes, the planes are strictly utilitarian and no attempt was made at prettifying them.
4. Yes, my narration is nowhere near perfect, but several have commented that they found the info useful and/or informative.
5. Finally, and most importantly: Improvements to earlier versions of a particular type (the canard type is a good illustration) reflect the fact that early observations were just that and nothing else. Obviously, further experimentation resulted in discarding elements of an earlier approach in favor of something better in a certain respect (and perhaps disadvantageous in another respect). Isn't that the whole point of this scratch building experience anyway?