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Posted by Bluhammer | Apr 01, 2013 @ 04:45 PM | 11,235 Views
Couldn't leave out a few more pictures, especially of my favorite Great Planes Reactor Bipe. This biplane is amazing. It's so on the rails responsive, rolls on full rates are truly like an electric drill! Maiden flight had me so nervous that after landing my hands were shaking for minutes afterwards. Now is that fun or what!

Finally, I just wanted to mention the guys over on the RCGroups "Off Topic Champ Thread". We've been sharing over there for quite awhile now and always welcome anyone who wants to share what their into. Good guys and cool stuff. Thanks for dropping in.

Dave (aka: Blu)
Posted by Bluhammer | Apr 01, 2013 @ 03:50 PM | 11,161 Views
Wow has it been so long since I updated this thing?
Well it's been a great year for me in this hobby, the best having met two brothers in RC flying Tom aka Foamyflyerr and Taco Jim. Flying with friends really adds a whole new dimension to the fun. Kicking it up, ragging, laughing, advising, and learning from each other rounds out the whole experience. Yes, you are not the only one who crashes and destroys aircraft!

My last blog entry from Jan. 2012 ended with me getting ready to maiden my Fantasy Racer. It did not end well . See my Youtube channel bluhammer06 for the heartbreaking results. I have since built and flown a small group of great airplanes and ended the life of a few of them in the process. My PZ P-47 was a fun plane and had many flights. A Mini Funfighter F4F Wildcat was a screaming little plane that died when hitting a metal door after losing all control to an DX8 failure.

3D profile foamie Spot survived thru over 300 flights and some crashes before meeting his end. I'm now building another DW 40" Extra 300L to replace spot.

Now I am currently flying a Multiplex FunCub, Eflite 480 Leader, MiniFunfighter RareBear, PZ VisionAire, a fantastic Reactor 3D EP Bipe, and the crowd pleasing Assassin combat wing.
Posted by Bluhammer | Jan 10, 2012 @ 12:31 AM | 12,651 Views
Hey fellow fliers! It's been a long time since I've written here and a lot has gone on. Since the loss of my big PZ T-28 and Champ, I got a new Champ (gota have a Champ) and a nice PZ P-47 Thunderbolt! I flew the Bolt for a few dozen flights with some minor damage dumb pilot crashes and then added flaps and retracts. This is a great flying plane and a beauty to watch. Landings into the wind with gear down and flaps extended make for fun landings.

You can see all my flights and plane crashes on YouTube Bluhammer06

Being addicted I started reading the forums about 3d profile foamies to try something new and cool. So I bought a DW Foamies Extra 300L 40" profile plane kit. It took me 3 weeks to get her painted and a couple to build her.

My maiden was not so good. I swear after crashing and repairing twice I finally realized my elevator servo was reversed, duh! So I mucked up a beautiful build because I wasn't double checking the basics. Well after that I launched her into the air and haven't stopped loving this plane since. It is by far the most fun and versital plane I own. What a blast. If I could only own one plane this would be the one.

I'll close for now before I write about my current new plane experience with the beautiful Cermark Fantasy Racer. See you soon, fly well my friends.

Posted by Bluhammer | Sep 22, 2011 @ 11:55 PM | 12,516 Views
Sept. 22, 2011. It looks like my blogs have been pretty long so I make this short

In the last 30 days I've lost my PZ T-28 and last week my beloved Champ, both in the same area. I've searched for days and sneaked onto roofs looking for them. I've even arial videoed the area with no luck. So my wife got me the PZ P-47 Thunderbolt for my B-day and it's the best plane yet! A little scary to land, but flies great.
This weekend I'm going to put flaps and retracts on her which should really make for some fun. I look forward to the flaps slowing the landings down some. You can check my videos to see what a hot lander she's been for me.

I still fly my T-28um a lot and even whip out the trusty 120 SR from time to time. Since I'm addicted my sights are now on the eflite Mini Pulse XT.
Boy do I have it bad!

One last thing, do yourself a favor and hook up on the RCG forums and meet some great people and learn, learn, learn. Thanks for checking in.


Posted by Bluhammer | Jul 15, 2011 @ 09:14 AM | 13,201 Views
I'm happy to report that I bit the bullet and bought the PZ T-28D on July 2 2011.
On my 1st maiden try that day I forgot to remove the one prop safety end cap it ships with. Despite warning stickers I just missed it . So off I went with very bad results. It took off, got in the air about five feet, the canopy went flying off, and the plane hit the ground! I should have listened better as I thought it wasn't sounding right on spooling up.

Inspection revealed the motor flopping loose inside the cowl.. Because the prop was so unbalanced it vibrated itself to death and destroyed the motor mount. So I went home with my tail between my legs.

The next day, the 3rd of July a Sunday, I was lucky to find the only lhs open and got 2 replacement mounts. The new ones are redesigned and stronger. It still probably wouldn't have been enough to help.

The next day July 4th was the big day for maiden 2. Everything was checked and ready to go. What could possibly go wrong ! Lined her up for take off on the basketball blacktop, spooled it up, all systems looking and sounding good. Off she went, rolling out, pulling back on the stick and up she went! Yeah .

Took her up and started trimming as she was a little nose heavy. I latter found it needed a little elevator mechanical adjustment. Flew her around and she was beautiful. Solid, stable, and so much fun. As time came to land I brought her around maybe 20' off the deck and turned for final.

It was here because of lack of...Continue Reading
Posted by Bluhammer | Jun 14, 2011 @ 10:51 PM | 13,377 Views
Well everyone it's now June and since my 1st post I've been pretty busy. I appear to have become an RC flying addict !
I now own in addition to the 120 SR, a mcx2 coaxial, a wonderful HZ Champ, P-51um, and my favorite, the PZ T-28um.

The 120 SR heli has been through the ringer at the hands of this pilot. It's had everything repaired/replaced except the main motor and the frame, poor thing! It's even taken a full plunge into our birdbath, hung up in trees, and all around been abused. But this week after a month and a half break (no pun intended), I flew her again with a new 5&1 and it's a blast to be at it again. I fly much better now and don't break her(yet).

My T-28um has gone thru the same torture as the 120. It begs to be flown and in the process of learning 4 channel flying it's had some great crashes and tree landings . I've replaced the fuse already and it's looking like a main wing job is in the future. No pain no gain right?

The rest of the hanger is in good shape with a soft spot for the mighty Champ. If your new to rc planes there is no better choice than the Champ to get you going right. Just read the Champ threads and you'll see what a great plane she is and how much the gang over there love her, me included.

Well that's it for now visitor/friend. I going to soon have a big PZ T-28, and lord help it! It doesn't know what it's in for. Stay tuned.

PS: I'm so into this I got a camcorder and editing software too. Now I'm posting videos for crimeime sakes.
Blu. 6/14/11
Posted by Bluhammer | Jan 22, 2011 @ 01:45 PM | 18,029 Views
Hi everyone,
I'm a toy heli flier since Xmas and just bought a 120SR with a DX6i.
Here are my 1st observations
1 DO NOT try your first flights in your garage or house as a novice!
2 DO NOT adjust your trims thinking your out of control crashing here is due to lack of trimming
3 go outside or a really large indoor space.
4 Read everything others post, as they have gone through this and their knowledge is worth gold

After 2 battery packs and confidence shaking crashes I decided I needed more space to work this thing out. To you new fliers like me, going outside is the most important step to take. In my small back yard on my first flight I had the confidence to power up enough to get up 3 to 5 feet where there is room to make mistakes and corrections. What a difference! After 2 battery packs I was flying (sort of). Even though I was still crashing, I was in the air long enough to start trimming, do a little hovering, and having a great time. Now I see lots of battery purchases and a lot of skill building in my future. Thanks everyone for encouraging us new guys.