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Posted by Kmot | Aug 28, 2018 @ 09:52 PM | 17,422 Views
I started assembling my Fly Baby today. This is made by Taft Hobby. It was also sold by Hobby King in a blue color scheme. It's a nice looking scale model.

There were a few minor mistakes from the factory. The first one was the hardware. It was supposed to come with several different lengths and sizes of sheet metal screws, but they were all identical. So I drilled and tapped for 3mm screws and used them instead. Another issue was the rudder control horn. It was not glued in properly and came out as soon as it was touched. I re-glued it. And then there is a large plastic piece that supports the landing gear. It also connects the two wing halves. It broke off as soon as I was working around it, again for lack of glue. It had only one little dot of glue for a rather large piece.

Other than those issues the assembly is pretty easy and fast. I still have to string the wire bracing and install my Rx.
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Posted by Kmot | Aug 20, 2018 @ 10:35 PM | 16,783 Views
I recently installed a Heli-Max tail rotor gyro in a 2WD Indy car and it made a night and day difference.

So I bought another heli tail rotor gyro, this time it is an Assan brand. And I have installed it in my Raider XL buggy.

The wiring and connectors were a very tight squeeze under the receiver box but I managed to cram them in there!

Posted by Kmot | Aug 10, 2018 @ 09:21 PM | 17,310 Views
So I have decided to also get this Overdrive ST set up and will be playing with it too. Why not?

This has also been assembled partly and on display since around 2003, don't remember exactly.

Amazingly the alkaline batteries still are holding a charge and powered up the electronics. The expiration date on them is 2004!

This is a cool stadium truck. 4WD, 2-speed trans, forward and reverse, .17 engine, oil shocks, blue anodized aluminum parts.

It has a Futaba AM radio on 27Mhz. Old skool for sure!

I intend to get it running and drive it around easily, I won't be beating on these old vehicles like back in the day. I plan to keep them in nice shape.

Posted by Kmot | Aug 08, 2018 @ 04:30 PM | 16,769 Views
I bought this XTM Baja 4WD truck in February 2003. I changed the wheels to some rally types and added a Subaru body, then put it on a shelf for display. It has never been used. No fuel, no batteries in the radio, even the antenna was not unraveled, lol.

Well, the tires are now flat spotted but I think they will get round again. I have made adjustments to the suspension and steering because from the factory it was off, glued the tires, checked all screws for tightness, and adjusted the shock pre-load.

I will now balance the wheels/tires, and then the engine will start its break-in process.

I have decided to stay old skool with the stock Hitec 75Mhz radio system.

It was cool going through the original box, and manuals, and time warping back 15 years to when this was a current production vehicle sold by Hobby Shack.

It's just another one of my collection of glow fuel engine powered cars and trucks I have and want to get running.

Posted by Kmot | Aug 06, 2018 @ 11:53 PM | 16,296 Views
I have a T-Maxx that I got around 2003. It has been sitting unused for around 12 years. I decided to get it going again recently.

I oiled up the engine and carb and got everything loose. I installed a FlySKy 2.4Ghz radio into it. I added some fuel and the engine fired up pretty easily. When I tried driving it, it did not have forward gear, only reverse. So I drove it around my backyard backwards, to use up the fuel! But before it was completely used up, it also lost reverse gear. The trans was gone!

I took the trans apart and found a stripped gear. I ordered new parts and got it rebuilt and then went for a drive in my backyard. Only thing was it was 100F outside and so the engine kept overheating and stalling. Still, it was fun to run it again and I will take it to an open area in cooler air to give it a good run.

Vintage 2003 T-Maxx 2.5 Restored (4 min 30 sec)
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Posted by Kmot | Aug 04, 2018 @ 10:01 PM | 16,019 Views
I have a vintage 2004 Duratrax Delphi Indy racer. It is really cool looking. It has an all carbon fiber chassis. 2WD with a differential. Aluminum oil shock.

But, it was impossible to drive! Squirrely with a capital S! First, the torque would cause it to spin out constantly. Second, the stock tires looked great but were completely worthless. No grip at all, like driving on ice.

I upgraded to the foam racing tires that were available at the time. Made no difference, really. Whenever I tried to go full throttle in a straight line, even from a rolling start, it would spin out. So I gave up, and put it on the shelf.

Recently, the advent of RC cars with gyros got me thinking. I bought a heli heading gyro and installed it into this car. I took it to the street, started to roll and then pinned the throttle. It went straight as an arrow! I was stunned!

Up and down the street, back and forth at full throttle it tracked straight. It was awesome. This was on the foam tires. I switched to the stock tires, and it was still squirrely , but if I kept it straight for a while I could pin it and then the gyro kept it going straight at full throttle. But as soon as I left off the throttle it would spin out. Even the gyro was struggling with the stock worthless tires.

However, on the foam tires it is a new car and very fun to drive!