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Posted by Kmot | May 10, 2018 @ 09:33 PM | 4,932 Views
I have been getting my Paulistinha P-56 airplane going again. The engine needed some attention. I rebuilt the carb with new o-rings and I have run the engine some more on the test bench, and it is starting to settle in and get a better idle. I also installed an on-board glow plug driver to help with keeping an reliable idle.

In addition to the P-56, I have gotten a Toledo Special that I obtained second hand, into flying condition. It needed a new Rx and battery, and some re-arranging of various components. I also have installed a 3-axis gyro in this model, just to try it out. I have never flown a plane with a gyro before so it will be interesting. I did put it on a switch though, so I can turn it off if I want to.