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Posted by Kmot | Jun 23, 2011 @ 01:32 PM | 8,692 Views
My long suffering engine test stand chassis needed to be tightened up with a few more wood screws and it needed a new paint job. The original yellow paint looked good to me, but it never fully cured. Even after several years it remained tacky and would stick to the floor when I stood the chassis on end. I removed the PSP engine test stnd from it and let the chassis sit outside my shop for several months. The sun and rain from the different seasons gave it a beating.

It's only because I have been occupied with other things that I did not have a need for the test stand to run any engines. But I have a need again, and decided now was a good time to refinish it before the blazing full heat of summer arrives.

I used what paint I had on hand. And that turned out to be some glossy white house paint left over from a recent repaint of my house. To add a little interest, I painted some stripes on it. A friend of mine called it a "Zebra" test stand.

I sort of like that name, lol. Maybe I could market it and get rich. Not!

I also put some more wood screws in the top of the legs too tighten them up. And I added a pair of big lag screws in the back to hang some weight from when I run a big engine. When I first powered up my radial engine and started to rev it up it pulled the engine stand over and luckily I backed off soon enough. I had to place some bricks on the back of the stand to continue running the engine. Now I can just hang some weights.
Posted by Kmot | Jun 04, 2011 @ 02:01 PM | 8,690 Views
Got the Dubro Cub wheels mounted on my P-56.