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Posted by Husse0416 | Jun 25, 2016 @ 05:12 PM | 5,231 Views
Fishing is one of my passions so this summer i got myself a cheep but usefull fishing kayak. The kayak will also be useful when trimming and running my RC boats if I need to retrieve them out on the water.
£250 was a good price and the quality is acceptable chinees plastic so I am happy with the purchase.

I lack some features on the kayak so I am adding and doing some rebuilding/moddding:
-Some simple baitboxes made from empty icecream boxes.
-Electric outboard and steering pedals. Will use my 4s lipos to drive the motor.
-Outrigger with floats to stabilize the kayak in rough waters.
Posted by Husse0416 | Apr 02, 2016 @ 04:58 AM | 8,168 Views
Hello and welcome to my blog!

Looking forward to your comments and ideas about my projects.