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Posted by bobthenuke | Aug 21, 2016 @ 01:47 PM | 25,482 Views
This is a very nice kit of a beautiful plane. I added a couple of simple mods to it including a functioning air brake, drogue chute, and upgraded fans and ESCs to match.

Unfortunately my maiden flight turned out to be a disaster, for reasons still not smoking gun presently. Thoughts include ESC imbalance or over stress (Thanks to "In the tube deep" who lost a beautiful Eurofighter using the same ESC) or paid back Karma...who knows at this point.

Anyhow here are a few before and after pics. ...Continue Reading
Posted by bobthenuke | Jul 13, 2016 @ 11:54 PM | 26,186 Views
EXCELLENT for a foamy EDF and the support from the distributor, Motion RC is second to none.

Based on the fast landing speeds, even with flaps and speed brakes, and having a few extra bucks, I decided to add brakes to the mains.

Based on prior experience with JP products I purchased a set of brake/wheels that would fit the T-45 from Falcon Hobbies.

Like all other products from JP, these were meticulously engineered and fabricated to tolerances I would be jealous of if I were producing similar devices. The problem I ran into was that the axles are 5mm and the existing axles are 4mm.

Just to be safe I purchased replacement LG parts that support the wheel axle and a friend opened the axle to fit the 5 mm axles that the JP wheels/axle will mate to.

Mounting the new parts was simple, with the exception of messing with the teeny C clips, but all went well.

The wire connections from the brakes caused a little concern as they were too short to reach from the brake to the controller in the fuse to the brake so I fabricated a cable and connector to extend it.

This extension (~12") required the removal of the plastic coverings that protect the wing function servos which was no big deal. The fabricated cables were added and and threaded through the center wing passage to the cockpit area and terminated to mate with the brake controller.

The controller can be powered by a separate 7-30V source or by the actual flight battery. I'm still undecided which...Continue Reading
Posted by bobthenuke | May 22, 2015 @ 04:32 PM | 27,190 Views
A departure from my "normal" taste in RC aircraft. I hope to finally fly it this weekend (just the hover phase) and then go to the forward flight mode next.

First let me say that I was originally going to use 3DR Pixhawk and APM 2.6 controllers but after some thought chose to use the APM for forward flight and the DJI NAZA Lite for hover, as the designers suggested. Well, foolishly or not I upgraded the DJI Lite V1 to a V2 and this is where it all went to Hell. I won't go into details but brought the Lite V1 back to original specs and installed the configuration files to the VI firmware.

It's very windy today since I (with the help of my buddy Berno) restored the NAZA to it's original state) but a quick and dirty test in his building room indicates that hovering this thing shouldn't be an issue now. It's very strange since Berno's quad upgrades from the Lite to the V2 apparently work VERY well and are providing a much smoother and precise flight. Strange....

My one major departure from the original plans was the installation of the Air Gear 350 Tiger motor set which cost much less than the recommended BirdsEye View motor set (sorry, guys....this was such a better deal for much better motors).

With some help from BirdsEye Aero and some of the fellows on the RCG thread I think I have this thing licked. I've flown Y6 copters with NAZA controllers before with no problem so just FOLLOWING THE RECOMMENDATIONS (other than the motors) should prove to provide a successful machine. I'll let you know as soon as the conditions here in the desert allow a decent and safe test.
Posted by bobthenuke | Oct 28, 2014 @ 10:25 AM | 28,281 Views
From my original post that prompted me to start this blog ( I intend to make a few changes that I feel are important, at least "OK". These are in no way meant as a criticism of the original design which is a very nice flying and constructed airframe.
Again, these will be MY comments and please don't hold my feet to the fire if you find some issues contrasting those of yourself or others. I'm very happy to discuss anything with anyone who will present themselves as really caring...crappy comments and flames will be ignored. Civil discussion and debate is welcomed...we can all learn from it. I'm just a dumb engineer with a background in electronics...not even close to an aeronautical engineer. Please refer to "Boopadoo" on the thread for real live questions and flying tips. He's helped me from the beginning and is very well schooled and cognizant of most things related to this wonderful airframe.


After flying one since they were first released (Black) and finally pulling out my White one, purchased at the same time ( still NIB) I feel somewhat qualified to make a few statements regarding the construction and flying of this wing. One caveat; For the most part I really dislike foam planes being a builder from the 60's. Additionally, I claim no expertise in the design of this flying wing other than basics...Continue Reading
Posted by bobthenuke | Jul 22, 2010 @ 12:09 PM | 31,376 Views
Like many of you I have an interest in anything that flies. Here are (just a few) more past and present toys that are jamming up my house. I won't even get into the kits, free flight, control line, and engine collection. Of course I'm sick and am fully aware of it....Continue Reading
Posted by bobthenuke | Jul 22, 2010 @ 11:58 AM | 33,819 Views
I have a deep love for gliders and sailplanes and currently hold a pilot's certificate for full size. I was a half owner of an HP-18 and am checked out in the S 2-33, S 1-26, Let 13, B-4, and G-103 as well as being certified in aerobatics in those that are capable.. I've not been doing it for awhile now due to the costs involved but have been able to get satisfaction from the toy RC gliders. Here are some current gliders I've been flying as well as some older and new projects. There are plenty more including TD (Espada RL, Espadita, Escape, etc.) and as you can see I'm just another sick RC flyer. ...Continue Reading
Posted by bobthenuke | Jun 29, 2010 @ 11:16 AM | 31,301 Views
I recently came across some old photos of my earlier Antics. The only one missing is the first one I built back in the late 60's which was destroyed during my move to AZ from NY in 1976.
Posted by bobthenuke | Feb 12, 2010 @ 01:42 PM | 33,002 Views
This particular Antic (#4 for me) was built by my friend and flying buddy Gunther Engel. Gun passed away a number of years back and among other flying articles left me his Antic. The plane originally had a Saito .70 four stroke which I swapped out for electric a year or so ago, which didn't work out too well. I now have a new OS FS70 Surpass II installed and it's ready to go.

I humbly suggest that the Proctor Antic is one of the finest model airplanes on the market. If one wants to learn to build this is the plane and besides looking as it does (for those who like the old timers) it's a wonderful flying machine and can be set up for either 3 channel or 4 channel, just by changing the dihedral.

I recently completed the floats for it and got on a list of a group of flyers who go up to Bartlett Lake periodically for some off-the-water flying. Having done this extensively lyears back I'm quite excited about getting back into this type of flying which is really great fun. The side panels seemed a little stark so I added some hastily conceived decals that I think give it a bit more character. Also, I believe that with the floats the OS FS70 was just on the border of working a bit too hard so I've just purchased a Laser 90 from a fellow RCG member that should be more than enough to power it with something to spare.

The Laser 90 had problems with the carb so I piced up an OS .91 FS pump...just beautiful and I'm ready for the Lake Havisu float fly in a couple of weeks.

...Continue Reading
Posted by bobthenuke | Dec 12, 2009 @ 10:39 AM | 35,189 Views
EDF kit from RBC, my first built up EDF. Power was low compared to today's EDF setups, around 400 watts into a WemoTek mini.

This one, unfortunately, did not live long but had the potential to be a great flyer if I was on the top of my game. I may very well build another some day (enlarged for a 90mm fan) as I really like these German "Secret Project" aircraft. I'm still puttering with a FW TA-183 from RBC that should be complete in time for Spring.
Posted by bobthenuke | Dec 11, 2009 @ 09:20 PM | 36,007 Views
I built this from one of the original Nieuport 28 kits when Lou Proctor was actually assigning serial numbers to them. I can't find that documentation now but recall that it was probably around 1980 or 1981. These were selling for the unheard of (at the time) price of around $250 or so.

It was covered in white Super Coverite which was doped with an OLD batch of Randolph nitrate dope that had turned a beautiful amber to obtain the yellow/brown finish which you see on the unpainted bottom of the wings. I forget what paints I used but they were probably Aerogloss mixed to match the samples of WWI French colors I purchased from Jim Keiger. The cockades, numbers, "Hat in the Ring" design, etc. were all hand painted after laying out the subject area with pencil. Decals were fabricated for the little numbers here and there that the full size would have had.

Power was a Tartan Twin which proved to be it's undoing as a Scale Masters participant. It got great scale points (it's worth it to add the details not supplied in the kit but cobbled from photos, etc. such as a scale cockpit, rib stitching and tape, various fittings, hatches, whatever) but the engine failed right after takeoff (nothing but trouble with this thing) and it crashed into the brush and ripped up the LG and some of the bottom. I should've changed out the engine long before as it was trouble from the beginning, but I'm a thick headed SOB sometimes and was bound and determined to use it. It was a shame...Continue Reading