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.Just A Note;........... Any Thing That I Trade For I Usually Ship Items With In One To Two Weeks ( As Fast As Possible As I Do Have A Regular Job ) And Will It Be with Tracking No# And Or Signature Confirmation By Request Ask Questions In advance To Avoid Confusion ..........Not Affiliated With Any Company's Or web Site'sNot Affiliated With Any Company's Or web Site's So dont Bother Asking If don't Like The Custom Header Name To Bad Im Not Here To Impress You Or Do i Seek Your Approval.... Nor Need it Im Only Here To Help Further The Hobbies For Younger Members & Lend A Hand With Tips/ Advice .. ......... it Im Only Here To Help Further The Hobbies For Younger Members & Lend A Hand With Tips/ Advice ....... Thank You for Your Patience......
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Throttle Jockey ATV to RPM conversion sheet.
Some people like to have a sheet with all the RMP's of the Throttle Jockey of Model Avionics given a specific ATV value. For that I have made an XLS conversion sheet for the Throttle Jockey that provides just that for the different transmitters. You can give in your gear ratio and print the sheet and take it with you to the field.
Much better, you can also enter the head speed and find the required ATV values for the different transmitters. Thanks to Bas Delfos for the good Idea. Setting up the 401 gyro.

Setting up the 401 is fairly simple. First you select a control horn position on the servo such that the arm length on the servo is about 17 to 20 mm. Next set the tail control rod length such that when the servo horn is orthogonal to the control rod, the heck rotor blades have an angle about 10 degrees (pushing to counter the torque when hovering). Next select the proper gyro mode for you servo (e.g. DS on for the 9253 servo). Next put the delay on the gyro to zero (in case you have a fast servo like the 9253).
Put the trim of your rudder channel in the zero position including sub trim etc. Make sure that there is no revo or any other mixing to your rudder channel!. Program you Tx such that you can control the heading hold and rate modes of your gyro (connect a channel that you can switch to the gain channel). Now put your tx in heading hold mode, and turn on your receiver and wait for the gyro to initialize (the...Continue Reading
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I don’t know about you, but if I had to choose between crashing my beloved heli and dealing with club politics, 9 times out of 10, I would slam that heli into ground before dealing with the often awkward situation that is club politics. You will be enjoying a fantastic day of flying the sun is shining, hardly any wind your helicopter feels locked in and for the first time this week you feel on top of your game, as you watch your heli rip through the sky. You bring your pride and joy back to the pits only to hear some guys complaining about “Joe” down at the other end of the flight line, and of course they try to bring you into the conversation.
Surviving club politics can be hard, because sometimes you might agree with the guys when they start disparaging “Joe” and the urge to join in sometimes feels overwhelming. We all know it is not the right thing to do and for the most part I am sure we ALL listen to that inner voice saying “don’t do it, don’t give in!”, don’t we???
I have a few personal rules that I try to adhere to. For the most part following these guidelines has allowed me to stay out of gossip and just enjoy my time at the field.
Never talk about another member, unless that member is present.
When you hear someone talking about another member, tune out.
If you find yourself in the middle of the conversation. Try to redirect the topic, this could be as simple as asking for help with your machine.
Now most of us know how to stay out of that situation, I am...Continue Reading
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New Project Just Hit The Bench ~~ Titled The Dark Quad Rises Based on A X600-4d Air Frame Canpoy Is Based on 2010 Dark Knight BatMobile ........ Photos Up Soon .............
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Really .........PFFFFT.....