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Posted by dangerdan | May 10, 2015 @ 06:48 PM | 22,068 Views
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Cut plywood 3 to 4.125"x 1.375"
Dry fit to plane and mark the dowel location making sure the marks are just above the rubber band knob.
Drill two .125" holes.

Cut plywood 1 to 5.5"x 2.625" and shape as shown.DONT DRILL HOLES YET.
Draw a line 1"x 5.5" from the bottom. This part fits in the wing.
Cut plywood 2 to 4.125"x 1".

Dry fit plywood 3 to plane.
Place plywood 1 in front of plywood 3.
The drawn line on plywood 1 should align with the top of plywood 3.
Remove both pieces making sure they dont move. If they move start over.
Drill plywood 1 using the existing holes in plywood 3. When done re-drill the holes to the proper dowel diameter.
Epoxy plywood 3 inplace and wait till cured.
Stick an AWL thru the predrilled holes making sure they go below the rod that holds the rubber band knobs.
You can use a drill bit to enlarge the holes to the correct size.
Cut dowels to length and dryfit thru plywood 3.
Place plywood 1 over dowels making sure the pencil line aligns with the top of plywood 3.
If all is ok, epoxy the dowels inplace using 30 min epoxy, then place plywood 1 on the dowels making sure that the drawn line on plywood 1 aligns with the top of plywood 3. Make sure these 2 DO NOTt stick together.

When cured, CA plywood 2 to plywood 1.
Cut an opening in wing to accept plywood 1 and plywood 2 making sure the opposite side of the wing is not cut through.
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