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Posted by keven64 | Apr 14, 2013 @ 08:00 AM | 41,189 Views
Hello everybody...

Our "friend" and fellow RCGroups member Gordon is selling 'plans collections' on ebay - in addition to those he is selling on their own...
...compilations of plans that, it is simplied, HE has collected - and put onto CD.

That might well be the case - in that he HAS collected them - but they were provided for free - by members of this forum.

He is trying to make fast cash from selling them - which is simply unethical - and downright disgusting...!

I thought that I would look at one advert in detail:

The above advert is for a set of over '100+ plans'...

this is the text
You will receive a CD containing the scanned "Original Kit Plans" in Adobe PDF format which you can take to any print shop and have them make you a set of FULL Sized Plans of your choice!!!
I wrote to him - as below:
Dear abyssiniancats,

These plans are all available as FREE downloads at RCGroups and at Outerzone...

...perhaps you might like to include such a comment within your sales patter ?
His reply, is below.
Dear keven64,

There is no way all these are available for free.


- abyssiniancats
So - I have placed all the plans he lists into a folder - and discovered that his advert for a CD containing 100+...Continue Reading
Posted by keven64 | Nov 29, 2011 @ 04:38 AM | 39,415 Views
A new plan for another BAe146 is being drawn !

See -

This time, the model will feature Depron construction, KFm wings, four EDF-40's with Feigao 5866kv motors - and 3S power...

Spektrum radio - so nothing can interfere. In theory !

A simple semi-scale model, with no undercarriage.
Hand launches and 'greaser' landings will be the order of the day.

Unless someone is brave enough to catch the thing - like we can with HLG's...

...and everything will be filmed.

Six years on - battery technology has improved considerably.
We all have access to reliable interference-free radios and tidgy yet powerful servos ... performance will not be in doubt.

This time - I am going to complete a model !

More - as things develop - slowly.

The idea is to get a model flying in the spring, weather permitting...!

Posted by keven64 | Dec 28, 2010 @ 05:01 AM | 42,807 Views
Now that the Grid Leaks magazines are no longer available for download from and

...I have uploaded them - so anyone can download any they like.

The Rapidshare accounts involve some 'messing about' - unless you have an account yourself - but...

...well - some of those magazines have neat little 'airplane' plans - and they're a piece of history !

Vol 1 No 1

Vol 1 No 2

Vol 1 No 3

Vol 1 No 4

Vol 1 No 5

Vol 1 No 6

Vol 1 No 7

Vol 1 No 8

Vol 1 No 9

Vol 1 No 10 Reading
Posted by keven64 | Apr 04, 2010 @ 10:32 AM | 40,461 Views
I've been thinking about making another 'Whisper Jet'.
To be more accurate - I've never really stopped thinking of making another one...!

This second time, I would make the model from depron sheet - as I have a lot of it.

I would use a very easy-to-build KFm2 wing section - with a generous carbon strip spar in the lower 'layer' for some serious strength - and I would use some of the 'new' lipos with increased capacity and greater C-ratings that have become avilable since I last made an EDF model - during the late summer of 2006.

My last '146 had 'engine pods' built around EDF50 units... that were not too 'scale'.

I thought that a new airliner could have EDF40's instead... as those would allow a more scale-like 'engines' - whilst similar output power as before would be available.

On the plus side...
I now have a DX6i transmitter with a small full-range twin-receiver - and lots of small servos. A few more park-flyer receivers, too...
Quite a weight saving over the equipment I would have used before... and much more reliable in respect of interference.

I still have a number of EDF40's with the ubiqutous Feigao 5866kv brushless motors, and so I think I will find my original drawings and patterns - and make a start by making a single engine pod - to suit an EDF40.

If all else fails - I could always get myself a brace of the new brushless EDF's from GWS - and go all-out for brute power - at the expense of high current levels...

Posted by keven64 | Mar 30, 2010 @ 12:17 PM | 40,631 Views
...Hello - I've never done this before... obviously !

This week I am making a tentative return to aeroplane modelling - with a 20" span Zagi-type model using the KFm2 wing section.

No more cutting wing sections with a hot wire for me - I have 118 full sheets of depron to play with !

Making models with KFm-type wings seems like the perfect way to use it all up.

This little wing will have an old GWS motor ( redundant from an equally-old EDF50 fan unit ) with a GWS 5A ESC providing power for two Saturn44 servos via an AR6000 receiver.

I'll put up some photos - in time....