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Posted by rcflyer-rick | Nov 18, 2011 @ 08:45 PM | 4,784 Views
Here is a lil snip by midwest. I built and really enjoyed the original about thirty five years ago. Have been looking for a kit for quite a while but could not locate one. One day I was digging around some old stuff and found enough of the original to build another one. I had put solid wingtips on my it for some reason (glad I did) so I had a good rib templet. Saw the wingspan on the web somewhere and had my old tailbooms and tail. Really excited to see if it flyes as good as I remember.
Posted by rcflyer-rick | May 15, 2011 @ 10:38 PM | 5,815 Views
After a bad crash several years ago. And a psyco cat attack a couple months ago when it was about done. It is finally ready to fly! If you have not tried control line it really is a blast. Rick
Posted by rcflyer-rick | Feb 06, 2011 @ 08:29 PM | 5,361 Views
Made it to the field today. And finally got to try out my new ski's. This was a first for me and it was a lot of fun. Winds 15-20 mph and around 20 degrees. It didnt take very long to get cold so the flights were short. Flying a light colored airplane on a bright grey overcast day with snow on the ground shure is a challenge. I am defintly ready for spring. You Ca. & Fla. guys have it good. Pictures tell it all. Rick
Posted by rcflyer-rick | Feb 03, 2011 @ 08:03 PM | 4,880 Views
I have been wanting to get my old ringmaster flying again after a major crack-up. About 10 yrs ago Was doing a wingover, fox 35 screaming, 60 ft lines, right above eye level went to snap out and handle slips out of my hand. Smash! straight in. Well you can imagine what it looked like fuse in half, outboard wing gone and in pieces, tail ripped off. But Fox survives unscathed.
So a little time this winter, get it back togther using dope and silkspan covering. Two of three colors done. Just need to finish the red then clear. Put the tank and fox back on and its ready to fly.
Well I walked into my garage to find the cat used it for a scratching post if anyone wants a cat I will box it up and send it to you. Grey male tigerstripe usually a pretty decent cat.
Posted by rcflyer-rick | Jan 02, 2011 @ 06:39 PM | 5,270 Views
20 mph wind and 20 degrees. BMAC (Burlington model airplane club) met for breakfast then went to the field. Only three of us flew but it was fun just getting togther. Five uneventful flights in all but that was enough.
Built new skis last week but we got a warm day and lost all our snow. Its early in the season yet I'm sure I will get more chances. The skis were easy to make. AMA archives February, 1989 (AMA8902).Skis for Snow or Grass
It looks like fun I have never flown off snow. Happy New Year to all. Rick
Posted by rcflyer-rick | Oct 18, 2010 @ 09:25 AM | 5,294 Views
Here are a few more of my planes. The purple and yellow one is a Stick 40 plus by House of Balsa I built this about 15 years ago but just maidened it this weekend 10/18/10. I should have flew it years ago it is so fun and relaxing. A great trainer. The cub is a GP fabric cub with a fx46 have not flew it yet but soon. The kid laying down is my 18 year old son texting his girlfriend between flights with his Kadet lt 40. And thats him standing with his kadet what a great trainer. The blue and white one is a Easy fly 40 (old Alpha) by hanger 9 it is my nitro trainer we call it "patches" after 2 major incidents and several minors.
Posted by rcflyer-rick | Jan 14, 2010 @ 12:28 PM | 5,724 Views
This is my first ever blog not for sure what im doing but here it goes.
I've been working on a Royal Chipmunk ARF. This is a older kit 10+ years that I picked up fairly cheap. I think its a good looking plane but im concerned about the graffics they are silkscreened on hope it holds up well to nitro.
I put on new a 46 magnum xls and I am hoping this will be a good low wing trainer. I've been flying parkflyers and a hanger 9 easy fly 40 (Alpha).
On the bench I've got a gp fabric cub 81" that im hoping will be done in the next couple of weeks. Will try to keep up to date on the build with pictures and of course questions. (there are always questions)
And thanks to all who help out with the answers.