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Posted by Jack Crossfire | Today @ 02:56 AM | 3 Views
The 11 year old ACN 16/15/4 was a direct replacement for the H King motor. The ACN has 2100kV, a 3.2mm shaft, & optional wider bolt spacing. It alone cost as much as the complete H King. 2100KV must have been right near the minimum for inrunners.

Opening the H King revealed a completely dry gear. The H King motor was the kind which can't be opened & rewound. The motor bolted into soft plastic without washers. The best gear alignment was pretty bad. The MEGA has wider bolt holes but there's not enough room to drill more plastic.

The downhill runaways were fixed by dramatically decreasing the PID gains & limiting the minimum throttle to a value which brakes less. The minimum should be set more precisely to a level that just turns the motor. Also, the ACN motor had much higher cogging which led to nihilistic braking.

On the 1st drive with this motor, it used 880mAh to go 4.5 miles at 9 min/mile. There was no payload & the LEDs were on. That's 195mAh per mile, slightly lower than the Ruckus. Driven to destruction, its 4Ah 8.4V battery would go 20 miles. It's tempting to install a headlight switch.

Based on the blog history, the Ruckus had a 4Ah 8.4V but it only went 10 miles until destruction while carrying a shirt.

It's strange that when using the 4200KV motor, the H King burned through 800mAh per mile. It must have been right above stalling.
Posted by mlilasic | Today @ 02:53 AM | 7 Views
Review of Gaoneng GNB 1500mAh 4S 15.2V 22.8Wh 100c/200c HV 4.35V Lipo Battery

Purchased 2 packs of (very few lipo brands BG sends to Croatia, I don't know what is status to different countries) new lipo's from BG and here is short review. Will be testing them in the air this weekend so stay tuned.

lipo's came on this storage voltage:

...Continue Reading
Posted by SomeFool | Today @ 01:54 AM | 37 Views
Cheap "Google Cardboard" VR Goggles
VMR40 - 5.8Ghz Video Mobile Receiver - Happymodel

Old Android Phone - Samsung Galaxy SIII - Has to support Go FPV Android App

I have a newer Motorola Nexus 6 that doesn't seem to work with it.

The video delay is minimal... around 50-150ms

I applied some velcro to the top of the VR Goggles and to the VRX so it stays in place.
Wired the OTG cable to the phone and run the Go FPV app.
Posted by SomeFool | Today @ 01:22 AM | 57 Views
Just got my Tarot TL250C put together. Love the way this thing looks. Replaced XT60 with Deans T-Connector. Installed the VTX, Cam and Buzzer.

Tarot TL250C
AXX 5.8ghz 600mw VTX w/ 600tvl Cam
HK Discovery Buzzer
Posted by chir0n | Today @ 01:13 AM | 48 Views
FPV Lago di Luzzone (6 min 34 sec)

Posted by Livershifter | Today @ 12:07 AM | 100 Views
Get standoffs for your flight controller preferably ones like these which will help to isolate the flight controller from any vibrations. I also suggest "soft mounting" your motors with something like this it will help stop vibrations before they start. With that said not everyone has issues with vibrations on their multirotors but if nothing else it will provide piece of mind.

If your bulding mini sized multirotors eg: 130mm to 280mm It's always useful to have extra m3 screws like these The most common lengths you will use will most likely be 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm but I like to buy 40mm screws which are typically way longer than any I will need and then I cut them to whatever length I need using a hacksaw, or an angle grinder

I cannot stress the importance enough of getting a good quality power distribution board like this one
It will give you many options on how to wire all your components to power making for cleaner builds and the one i linked even has a built in Lc filter so you can power your vtx/cam directly from pdb and your video signal should be clean.Speaking of which its also a good idea to solder a capacitor directly to the same pads as where your battery connects to the pdb not only will this help to ensure a clean video feed it also doubles to help protect all your electronics from voltage spikes.

For soldering (which you will do a lot of) I like having an assortment of soldering tips For an actual soldering iron I'm using a Weller from...Continue Reading
Posted by LTOB | Yesterday @ 10:01 PM | 146 Views
Just finished up a Awesome Griffwerks Bi-Plane for a tribute to my Dad/Flying Buddy. I can't say enough about Griffwerks and their excellent service and excellent Foamies. Evelyne does great paint work and the colors are phenomenal. Did the maiden tonight and plane flew great. Brian
Posted by Birds | Yesterday @ 09:14 PM | 182 Views
Beautiful evening to fly. Shorts and a t-shirt. The LT-25 is flying superbly. Really nice. Great presence in the sky. Lots of low fly-by's and some low and slow figure 8's. Good vertical and some gentle aerobatics. I'm flying it for 7 minutes but there is no doubt with throttle management I could 8. Very happy with these GForce batteries and the .60 sized Emaxx motor and Sky Power 100amp ESC. Just a great set up that flies at about 85 degrees according to the Lemon telemetry. 26 flights on this kit built plane. Very happy with it. 3 more flights on the Extra 300sp. This plane is rock solid. It goes and does exactly what you tell it to. It was slipping in the turns so I added more travel to the elevator on low rates. It responded well to this slight adjustment. Very small travel lengths on the servos but man, it's very responsive. The vertical power is exhillerating. Just a fantastic sport plane that has great thrust and speed. Very happy with it. So, 26 flights on the LT-25 and 9 on the Extra. Both planes are flying great. Saturday's weather is looking really nice. Hope to see some guys at the field.
Posted by Micubano | Yesterday @ 07:59 PM | 215 Views
Time to bring some older planes out and make sure they still work. Here is some video I took of the HyperTaxi, one of Horizon Hobbies first models with AS3X.

UMX Hyper Taxi BNF - 2017 Maintenance Flight (4 min 10 sec)

Posted by marblekit | Yesterday @ 06:22 PM | 313 Views
Posted by Whiskers | Yesterday @ 05:32 PM | 349 Views
A side by side of the old and the new.
The new version is lighter and massively more powerful.
Posted by Late99 | Yesterday @ 04:16 PM | 394 Views
I participated my first competition in sport class of F3A Finnish championships league. The competition was held in Espoo, southern Finland. The weather was exceptionally good, which seems quite rare for any local model competition.

The Finnish F3A FAI class hosts some world class pilots. Lassi Nurila won 2016 F3A World Cup and Janne Lappi placed 2nd in 2017 F3P World Championships (indoor). These guys are virtually on the same level with legends like Gernot and CPLR. Lassi is also building the Sensation biplanes the guys are flying - and makes own carbon fiber propellers, which are really work of art.

Despite flying 3D / freestyle plane instead of a proper F3A plane I managed to win the sport class. It really wasn't my best flying, but at least it seems that the winter / spring training paid off. And kudos to Extreme Flight for building really wonderfully flying plane(s)!

As a competition this was really educating. I competed myself, wrote down FAI class scores for one the judges and also read notes to several competitors in both sport & nordic classes.

Enjoy the pics! And more pics are also available at Google Photos....Continue Reading
Posted by Rowhider | Yesterday @ 04:01 PM | 392 Views
Tamiya TT02 - Track conversion

Tamiya TT02 - Track Conversion Stage 1 - BMW M410 Bittydesign - GIT2 (2 min 26 sec)

Posted by salrica | Yesterday @ 03:08 PM | 435 Views
When I go to the flying field I ask her if she would come with me, she knows what I need her for, to be there to watch others.
But sometimes she is a pain in the .....
The first time everything went well, she liked and even she had did it right, some kids playing with a dog and she would let me know when they were too close, kids.
But other times it was tragedies, one after another, she wasn't happy but persisted, for me and others safety.
One time it was hot, she was looking for a shade, it's an open field! She was walking one side to the other instead of keeping eyes on others, and talking alone! To her self! It's too hot, I don't understand how and why you like to fly it is waaayyy too hot! Walking and talking, nobody around just the 2 of us, lol.
The next time she asked me to stay in the truck with the AC running, I let you know if someone comes close, W>? How? I asked her, by text message, she replied.......
One time we were having a good time, perfect weather, nobody around, just us, she got excited because of that, she even bought an small 3 leg chair, have never seen one, next time she was expecting the same, she brought the small chair with her and ready to spend some time with me, everything was going perfect, until she decided to sit in the chair, tragedy, I just heard an loud ouch! And cursing the chair, she was on the ground! Somehow the chair made a hole in the ground and bum, there she went, legs on the air and her back on the ground, she is not...Continue Reading
Posted by Slider2732 | Yesterday @ 02:46 PM | 438 Views
Went and did it, reduced the near 45 degree dihedral of the Gravity Spitfire.
A V-shaped cut down the middle allowed using a weight on top of the upside down wings to hold them overnight, while the Aleene's glue set. The spigot hole things for the 2 retainers had to be enlarged due to the change and they have FixAll glue to hold them (was worried it might melt the foam but set fine).
Just need to make little fillets now for the body to wing join, because the mounting angle is a bit different on the underneath.
It looks FAR better than original.