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Posted by PittSpecial | Jan 26, 2018 @ 07:45 AM | 4,987 Views
Many keep complaining about one or two particular issues with Toyota Camry's and keep Wide Brushing them to be bad just because one part didn't function like they expected and it really all depends on where they were made/assembled. Like in my case, my 1992 Camry made in Japan come with these plastic speaker covers with cloth material glued over them. Once the cloth detaches it looks terrible, however, another Camry made else where had a solid part made of plastic and no cloth material as shown in the pictures!
Posted by PittSpecial | Jan 19, 2018 @ 10:15 PM | 6,974 Views
Hello gals & guys!

How many are still enjoying their Clipped Wing Cubs?

Make a LONG Story Short, my buddy just gave me his and it was missing the Fuse Servos for Rudder / Elevator and not trying to be ungrateful but, the power system is someone on the heavy and the propeller output shaft had a wobble.

I almost sold it and thought for a moment that the last time I sold a model without trying it, I got really sorry feeling as it just defeats the purpose of being in this hobby in the first place! This little Clipped Wing Cub is just so nice looking that I just have to see what it does in the air. Of course I have seen the Horizon Hobby Video of this model in action and make no mistake that I know this should be a graceful little model with lots of mild sport potential.

The very first thing was to take OUT that heavy power system and I ordered the recommended E-Flite 280BL Motor and the 6.8 X 3.8 Propellers. After 3 days I had the new E-Flite 280 Outrunner in my hands and wasted no time and installed it with one Castle Creations BL 9-AMP ESC. Since it didn't come with any FUSE servos (Elevator / Rudder), I installed two Hitec HS-55's in their place and let me tell you, it is with a LOT of Patience I am here to say that working on such a small RC Airplane like this one has it's challenges. It was a Royal Pain in the Rusty Dusty in installing the new servos within that tiny and small receiver hole while you feed the connector wire towards the back of the FUSE...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Jan 11, 2018 @ 08:11 PM | 8,077 Views
This makes me really angry!

This will ruin our Hobby!

Our military may be at high risk or someone better have a Good Jamming device like those the VIP uses when they travel around!

Yes, the news cast says the materials are readily available out in the public but, it takes know how!

Unbelievable !!

https://www.cbsnews.com/news/russian...s-drone-swarm/...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Jan 05, 2018 @ 06:13 AM | 5,776 Views
Hold on to your noses! Here's my World Models AT-6 EP of 44 inch wing span!

It's made of Balsa & Light Plywood (some Bass Wood now after two major repairs!).

Well, after making sure that this model has proven itself to be an excellent flyer, I have gone back and made some improvements to repair some nagging issues at the Firewall edges where the FUSE -to-Firewall balsa meet. Additionally, glued in some standoffs for new attachment points for the fiberglass cowl.

I can't believe it. This model has transfixed me something terrible and I keep going towards it.

I just might buy another one (New-In-Box).

It still Looks Good considering several crashes!

For those interested in my earlier adventures with this model ever since I got it then, please go to:

...Continue Reading