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Posted by PittSpecial | Mar 29, 2017 @ 10:43 PM | 10,859 Views
Excuse me for coming here real late about this model but, I was wondering if anyone noticed how super heavy it is?

Why do I ask?

Because I found out tonight! Can you all say 4.25 ounces !!!

EDIT: Can you believe a GRAND Total of 8.5 Ounces of DEAD WEIGHT!!!

It is just unbelievable to me that any vendor would do this to such a nice looking model.

For those who have this model and been trying to lighten it up then, you would need to literally DIG into the bottom, frontal side of the FUSE. However, what I did was to DIG out from the FRONT BOTTOM side of the FUSE and right below the Wood Firewall and carefully cut the glue along the bottom Frontal side in order to slightly separate the two FUSE sides just enough slide those LARGE and HEAVY STEEL SOLID ROLLER Bearings!

I got the model when a member of my RC Club had been frustrated that one of the Retracts didn't work anymore because it seems like some glue went inside the housing from a previous crash / repair and he purposely crash the model and I came running and told him that I would like the model because it was back in January and he had that wild look in his eye to throw it in the Burn Barrow that we use for heat during the winter season.

He took his Motor, ESC and Receiver and he gave it to me so, here we are ladies and gentlemen.

It is just unreal to me that any vendor could do this to any "FOAM" model as this is why we purchase these FOAM models so, they can be light!
Posted by PittSpecial | Mar 17, 2017 @ 10:14 AM | 11,389 Views

My 1992 Camry hits 500,000+ Miles without any Engine Rebuilt History!

If you recall my efforts in replacing the instrument cluster on my 1992 Camry and located here:

Let's see! The 2nd Instrument Cluster "TODAY" reads at 149,077 and when I got it the reading was at 132,977 which means my Camry traveled 16,100 miles since the Cluster had been replaced.

The Original Cluster reading at: 486,015 miles so,

+ 16,100
502,115 Miles

My Camry XLE is still kicking!

So, as far as the Mileage to the cherished1/2 Million Miles.........

It has made it and more!

I will celebrate soon!
Posted by PittSpecial | Mar 16, 2017 @ 04:39 AM | 11,298 Views
Gals and Guys,

I am strictly Electric RC Flyer and a fanatic with all Electric things.

After many investigative tours trying to decide on a new Lawn Mower, I made my decision on this EGO Cordless Battery operated Self Propelled Lawn Mower that has a cutting range of 21 inches.

Introducing my new EGO 21 in. 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Battery Self Propelled Mower. It's an amazing Mower as I don't have to deal with Gasoline, Oil, Spark Plugs and cleanup like when I used the Internal Combustion Engine mowers! Also, almost all Gasoline powered mowers come with the automatic carburetor mechanism setup such that they usually go bad after a few seasons! I just Love my new EGO (Model Number LM2102SP) Self Propelled 56-Volt Li-Ion Mower!

EGO LM2102SP 21 Inch Cordless Lithium Ion 56 Volt Lawn Mower 01 28 2017 (6 min 44 sec)

Extremely Well Designed (Engineered) Batteries!
EGO Lithium Ion Internal Battery Dissection -What makes it special (4 min 55 sec)
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