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Posted by RetoF3X | Aug 24, 2011 @ 09:51 AM | 18,383 Views
I focused this year on flying F3K, as the world championships were coming up. Qualifying for the worlds was interesting, as I had to fly back to Switzerland to participate in the qualification process. Luckily that contest went well and did take place (weather).

I did practice sessions 3 times a week and worked on launch height and turnarounds. My contest results got better quite immediately. A second place at a contest of the german tour and a fifth place at the IHLGF were promising.

The worlds itself was an interesting experience. Each round felt very serious. I managed to stay focused through the prelims and ended on fifth place .

The fly off was a rough. It went well until round 3 where I missed the field by 10m in AULD. Somehow I lost it then from there. I tried hard, but I always reacted instead of doing my own thing.

In short, it is a good experience in aeromodelling to focus on one thing and see some improvements. My launch height PB got boosted from 50m to 70m and also my turnarounds got significantly shorter in this process....Continue Reading