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Posted by Bombay | Sep 05, 2008 @ 09:40 PM | 22,033 Views
The Cox Lazy Bee - Our first airplane and entry into the RC arena

Many years ago, my brother and I purchased a Cox Lazy Bee (LB for short) from a Tower Hobbies Catalog. This is a little story about the events leading up to that purchase, our experience with the LB, and then my current attempt at rebuilding the LB.

The Early Years
The way I remember it is that we had always been impressed with a $350 helicopter that we used to see in a popular catalog. I believe the catalog was BEST or Service Merchandise. Luckily, we never got it. I am sure we would have either cut our heads off or created severe damage in the neighborhood. We did, however, have many rubberband powered gliders, various rc cars, and even a Cox line-controlled gas plane.

Jump ahead many, many years to a family gathering down at Galveston where my family rented a beach house for a week. I thought it would give us something cool to do, so I ordered it and had it Fedex'd to meet us at the beach house. We read the instructions and put it together. The instructions warned against flying in wind over 5mph, but we thought we knew better. We didn't.

"Flight" Attempts
Our first flight consisted of finding a parking lot and trying to do a ROG takeoff. I don't remember the particulars, but it didn't go too well. I am sure my brother blamed it on me. We tried a couple more times with a hand-launch, but we still couldn't get it in the air...for very long. A couple of pieces of broken...Continue Reading