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Posted by coriolan | May 21, 2011 @ 06:49 PM | 80,671 Views
Off course, now that I am ready to fly this's raining
Fortunately the week-end is still youg and if the world doesn't end today at 6pm as claimed by that Californian's sect I still have sunday...and monday (a holiday in Canada)
Posted by coriolan | May 20, 2011 @ 09:47 PM | 80,658 Views
Added the landing gear today (1/32"music wire) and glued the foam cowl on the firewall. The total weight with motor,prop,esc is now 28.3 grams. That leaves me some elbow room for my choice of servo, I feel that even if I use the FD 2.5 gram servos and 240 mA Zippy I will still be under 45 grams rtf
I have another plane on the assembly line which will use two Toki and I don't really want to use AS-2000 on that plane. I have two more of these Rx so might build another "Guided Mite " by Ralph Bradley
Posted by coriolan | May 18, 2011 @ 12:41 PM | 81,979 Views
The first bird for my Flydream 1 gram Rx, inspired by these Frog FF models:
At 14" span its kind of between the junior and senior serie, the wing is 3mm depron with sanded airfoil and the fuse mostly 1/16" balsa with lightening holes and covered with red solite. The top fuse in the front is sanded 9mm depron. So far it weight 24.5 gram with motor(AD-C5 /3700Kv)so I am still wondering about using Toki servos,AS-2000 or the Flydream which weight almost 3 grams. It will be RET and one cell (180<240 mA)and the prop is GWS EP-4530 which give good performances with that motor, the esc is the excellent TGY DP 3A. Since I have several of these Rx I have other builds in the pipeline
Posted by coriolan | May 17, 2011 @ 04:25 PM | 50,446 Views
Got my stuff from RC-Modules after a little custom delayMade my "Plantraco monolith" style module adapter which I can use with appropriate trainer plug to fit various Tx (Hitec/Futaba-DIN,Futaba square and Airtronic 5 pins-DIN).A nice touch from RC-Modules, all my Rx had been tested and bound to my DIY module so it was plug-and-play expect for my "monolith" variation! Here are a few picture of the system, the Rx is really small and does weight only 1 gram. I tried it with a single cell and also with the 5V bec of a CC Pixie-7 and the servos have a good speed with one cell or 5V. The servos weight a bit more than the supposed 2.5 grams but still a bit less than 3 grams likes the infamous BA 2.5. Off course I am in a flurry of building with all these micros flight packs. For the really light stuff I'll use my Toki servos and maybe the AS-2000. Would be swell if FD could come out with an actuator capable Rx including a small 2<3 Amps brushed esc
Posted by coriolan | May 10, 2011 @ 11:08 AM | 47,943 Views
Time to investigate that great idea from EQMOD about converting a small servo board to actuator driver:
Since I'll soon be getting those nifty 1 gram Rx from Flydream to replace my troublesome and expensive MicroInvent system.